How to save contacts on the SIM with Xiaomi phones

There is no doubt that contacts are one of the basic aspects of our mobile phone. These used to be saved exclusively on the SIM card or on the smartphone, but now it is no longer the case. However, we will tell you how you can save the contacts of your Xiaomi mobile with any version of MIUI directly on the SIM card to never lose them.

In technology we have many options to decide which is our favorite method and before the great arrival of the cloud, the options are divided around where to store our contacts . So that this is not a problem, we are going to show you how you can take control of your Xiaomi smartphone and decide for yourself.

save contacts on the SIM with Xiaomi phones

Choose the default place

The process has changed a lot since MIUI 12, when the Xiaomi firm put aside its own contacts app to replace it with the one offered by Google. In this way, now when we start using our mobile or the first time we are going to save a contact in Xiaomi , we are going to ask ourselves where we want to do it always so that we do not have to repeat it in the future.

In this case, given that we want to save the contacts in the SIM to never lose them, the process will be the following that we explain:

tarjeta sim xiaomi contactos

  • We write the number in question on the dialer of the mobile phone.
  • Then click on the “Create new contact” button.
  • The options to save it will appear where we will choose between the Google account, My account, device or SIM card.

In case of having more than one SIM card, we must be clear which of the two is the desired SIM as the default to save the contacts . We can know this in Settings> SIM cards, where we will see the number that corresponds to each of them.

Finally we just have to touch save and this first contact as well as all the others will always be stored on our Xiaomi mobile with this default location. If in your case you already chose that in another way and now you want to replace it, you can do it manually with each one or by returning the phone app to the original state.

To achieve this, what you must do is reset it, which will not affect your contacts or other data on your smartphone at all. We will have to enter Settings> Applications and locate phone and / or contacts. Once inside we are going to clear the cache of this app and we will ensure that when saving the next contact, the default option question is not asked. There is no default option in Google contacts that will allow us to modify this in another way.

Change storage

In case we have already stored a series of contacts in the wrong place, the contacts app offers us a quick solution, although we will have to proceed one by one. There is no simple way in Xiaomi to change the place where we have the contacts in one go. The process in this case begins with entering the phone’s contacts and choosing one of them and then tapping on its options within the three upper points.

cambiar contacto xiaomi

This will show us a series of possibilities, including “Move to another account”. In this case Xiaomi does not give many options, there will only be the possibility of moving it to the phone in case it is in the cloud or moving it to the SIM in case it is in the phone. So if your goal is to get it to the SIM card, you may have to repeat it more than once with each contact.

Save contacts on old mobiles

If you have a Xiaomi mobile that is several years old, you may have realized that there is no way to store a contact on the phone’s SIM card. Although there is a hidden option in MIUI 10 and MIUI that will allow us to do so, as we have learned from the software layer forums of the Chinese firm, where they have realized that there is a way to achieve this. For this, what we must do is go to the contacts app of our phone, as long as it has the aforementioned Xiaomi layers.

Once inside, what we must do is click on the three vertical points that are in the upper right part, and in turn click on the “settings” button. Now within this menu, we have to activate an option that we see below called “show SIM contacts” which by default will be disabled in these settings of the MIUI 11 contacts app . Once we have activated it, we will be able to save the contacts in the phone’s SIM, since now we will have that option from the menu to save the phone’s contacts.

contactos SIM MIUI 11

Once we enter this menu when saving a contact, now in addition to being able to do it in the MIUI account in the cloud, we will be able to choose precisely to do it also in any of the existing SIM cards. Even if we have two, we can choose to save it both in one and the other SIM. Therefore, if you have the latest version of the Xiaomi layer, you will be able to save these contacts on the SIM card. In any case, if we need to edit or change contact information on Android, the steps will be the same. We have tested it with a previous version of MIUI, and it has not been possible to save the contacts in this way, so in order to enjoy this process you will need to be updated to the latest layer of the signature.

Where is it safest to host them?

Although we are used to resorting to the SIM, we cannot forget that the cloud has existed long before MIUI 12 , 11 or previous versions and is an equal or safer place than the SIM. In this case it is not a physical element and therefore we will always be able to access the saved contacts just by knowing our account and password. Anyway, storing it on the SIM is still a good idea as a backup.