5 tips to clean your mobile camera

One of the great enemies that we still have to face with our mobile devices is dirt, since as much as it is resistant to dust, at some point you have probably had to end up cleaning it. Especially the cameras of the phone , since they are one of the most dirty spots, next to the smartphone screen.

However, not everyone does it the best and simply uses a cloth or worse to remove smudges from the cameras and take the best photos. Therefore, we will explain both what we must do to clean them correctly and what we should never try, or at least stop doing it, because we would be unintentionally damaging the phone’s lenses.

5 tips to clean your mobile camera

Do not do this

Before getting to know those products or forms that we can use to leave the lenses of our mobile phone untouched, it is important that you take into account a series of methods and products that you should never use , since the remedy will be worse than dirt:

sensores cámara fotos móvil

  1. Never clean them with your finger, a simple cloth or your saliva. The latter much less, since the acids in the saliva could damage the protective layer that is applied on the lenses.
  2. Using non-specific fabrics to clean them can end up scratching the lenses.
  3. Do not use soap or any type of cleaning product . This also includes classic glass cleaners, since they have different chemical elements that can damage the lens.

If you are in a place where you do not have a special product at hand to properly clean the cameras, and you do not even have a microfiber cloth, in that case the best option, and a possible solution, will be to use any garment that is of cotton. Also, you should rub in circles to try to remove as much dirt as possible. Although the result will not be so flawless.

How are they cleaned?

As we said, you have to get rid of that classic idea in your head that we can use any type of product to clean both our phone and its cameras. More than anything because they contain corrosive chemicals that will damage the lens and other parts of the smartphone.

Cámara móvil sucia

Therefore, if you want to leave the cameras of your phone as the first day, you should take this into account:

  1. Have a microfiber cloth handy. With it, we can slightly wet it and then carefully clean the sensor of the phone.
  2. The second option will be better, since we will have a special product that will serve both the screens and the lenses of your mobile phone. The product that we recommend is this kit that does not reach 10 euros, it also has a special solution that will not damage the cameras.