How to Turn Your Minecraft Character into the Witcher with the Mod

If there are two games that have long been widely accepted around the world, that is the saga of the popular wizard, The Witcher, and Microsoft‘s Minecraft . Well, in these lines we are going to show you how to unite them in a certain sense to give it a touch of humor.

Specifically, we are going to show you how to turn the character that we usually use in Minecraft, into the wizard of The Witcher who raises so many passions. And it must be taken into account that the last game from The Witcher was released almost five years ago. But of course, now is when his fame has been reborn, thanks in large part to the series recently launched on the Netflix platform.

Bring the character of The Witcher to Minecraft in Windows 10

With everything and with it if you are one of the many millions of regular users of Minecraft and you are also a fan of The Witcher, we give you a solution. Specifically, we are going to show you how to use the mod of the wizard series in the Microsoft game in a simple way. Actually what we are going to do is add a skin of The Witcher to the game and fight with the mentioned character.

And is that the usual Minecraft you already know that getting new skins or skins for the characters in the game is not difficult. This is something that becomes real especially when we refer to generic skins. However, the characters of The Witcher have certain somewhat more specific traits that let us see what the character should really be.

witcher minecraft

We tell you this because on the Internet we can find some skins of this type that leave a lot to be desired in terms of similarity. Of course, we must also admit that there are some quite successful, as we will see in these same lines. For those of you who don’t know, these skins that we can use in the Minecraft character are just simple PNG files that we can use, for example, in the UWP version of the game in Windows 10 .

How to use The Witcher skin in Minecraft

How could it be otherwise, once this decision is made, the character of Geralt de Rivia is the most popular and with several skins available. The example that we can find in this link , or in this other, serves as an example. While the second is more like the look of the Netflix character, the first is more faithful to the game.

Well, in case you want to add the skins downloaded from these links, or others of your choice, in Windows 10 Minecraft, the process is simple. Of course, keep in mind that depending on the version we use, this may vary slightly. But in general terms, what we should do is open Minecraft and then click on the Profile button located below the current avatar.

The Witcher Minecraft

Thus, we click on Edit character on the next screen, so that we can already select the new skin that we have downloaded from the links exposed before. For the changes to take effect, we will only have to save everything. To finish we will tell you that we can change that skin whenever we want and there are them available for other characters in The Witcher series .