Tricks to level up your champion in LoL Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile adaptation of the famous installment from Riot Games. Obviously, this one takes almost all the elements of the original title and adopts them as much as possible. This has resulted in the list of Champions available for the fight being quite extensive.

However, making use of each and every one of the eligible ones might not be a good idea, since it would not allow us to focus on a single character with which to improve as a player. If you want to keep up with your rivals, you have no choice, since the difference in power between the two can become very noticeable. Above all, because benefits are unlocked that you can take advantage of.

Tricks to level up your champion in LoL Wild Rift

Perks for leveling up

First and foremost of all, you unlock skills that will come in handy on the battlefield. Not to mention that it will also increase the power of the ones you already have in your hand, that is, they cause more damage or prolong their effects.

League of Legends Wild Rift

Also, it’s not just abilities that get buffs, but the Champion’s stats as well. This implies that both your defense and your attack will be increased. For this reason, if you want to enjoy all these privileges, you must know how to level up fast in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

always try to hit

Be careful, one must know in advance the limitations of the character you use. Mainly, because if the enemy controls one more focused on the attack, it is more than likely that we will be defeated. For this reason, it is advisable to always go hand in hand with a partner to try to bring down the rival. In this way, although we may not be able to get the leave on our own, we will get assistance . This occurs when an enemy is hit and a member of our team defeats them within 10 seconds , which will provide a portion of the experience.

Combate LoL Wild Rift

Annihilate the Minions

This is the name under which the enemies controlled by the AI and who are responsible for defending the turrets and the rival Nexus are known. Like any other opponent, his death generates experience points. So it doesn’t hurt to annihilate everyone we meet along the way, since they are not really dangerous unless a large number of them meet.

defeat the dragons

On each map of League of Legends: Wild Rift you can come across neutral monsters that have higher vitality and power than Minions. This obviously guarantees you a higher reward. In the event that you eliminate the dragon or the creature in question, you will not only gain experience, but those players who are at a lower level will receive 50% more experience.

Dragones LoL Wild Rift

Inspiration Mastery

This Mastery gives the Champion who carries it the advantage of gaining 5 experience points every time 10 seconds pass. Of course, it will only take effect if you stay close to a higher level partner. This will inspire your character to reach for it.