Methods and Tricks to Find a Lost or Stolen iPhone

Every day, thousands and thousands of mobiles are lost or stolen. Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether we are dealing with one case or the other. Luckily, the methods to try to find the device are the same whether we are dealing with a loss or theft. Luckily, if we have an iPhone we have several options to try to locate it, before it is too late.

Tricks to Find a Lost or Stolen iPhonev

Apple iPhones are the mobiles preferred by lovers of the alien, so we always have to have a lot of eye, especially in public places to keep track of it for even a second. As we say, either because our iPhone has been stolen or because we have lost it , we can always use various tools to try to locate it.

The first step is to make use of the tools that Apple offers to quickly locate our mobile . Everything will depend on how lucky we are, since if the thief turns off the device we will have it more difficult. However, if it’s still on, either because it’s lost or because the thief has it on, the chances are greatly increased.

Apple’s methods

With the app “Find my iPhone

It is the official Apple tool to try to locate our iPhone immediately and with the best precision. For this, we will have to have previously activated the “Find my iPhone” function, which allows us to track our lost or stolen mobile phone. To locate it we will have to log in to on the web, or using the Search app on another Apple device. Once inside the web or the app, click on “Search”. Then we tap on the mobile to see its location on the map. Once we have located the mobile on the map we will have several options at our fingertips:

buscar mi iPhone

  • Play a sound : so that we ourselves or someone close to that location can locate its exact origin and find the thief or the lost iPhone.
  • Mark it as stolen : By tapping this option, the iPhone will be locked remotely with a code. We can also send a personalized message to the phone with our phone number to show it on the stolen device’s lock screen. Activating this option will also track the location of the device. In addition, the ability to pay with Apple Pay by mobile phone is suspended.
  • Remote deletion : It is the last method, but the one that we will have to use when we believe that we are not going to recover the mobile. Deleting the contents of the iPhone is the best way to keep our privacy safe when we lose control of the phone. It can be done from the “Search” app itself in the “delete device” section. After remote deletion, we will lose the possibility of locating the iPhone.

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The Google method

A few years ago, both companies were on their own, but Google’s desire to eat ground at Apple enabled compatibility to locate iPhones from the Google tool. In this case, we will only need to access the Google website dedicated to finding the mobile, from a PC, Mac or other mobile, to try to find our lost or stolen iPhone. It is important to note that Google must have a prior registration of our mobile, that is, we will have to be using Google services on our iPhone such as Gmail, Google Maps or have logged into our Google account.

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Then we will only have to access “Find my mobile” so that we see our iPhone on the screen and access the same options that we have seen previously with the Apple tool. Once on this website, and as long as our iPhone has the location activated , we can see its location on a map. In addition, we will have three options at hand to try to help find him or persuade the thief.

  • Play a sound : the phone will ring for five minutes even when it is silent.
  • Lock iPhone : Close all sessions and lock the mobile. In addition, we can also display a message or phone number on the screen.
  • Delete the data: it is the extreme case we saw before. We can also erase the data remotely