How to Create a video Conference with 50 people from Instagram

Confinement has encouraged many users to try numerous video conferencing services. Virtual chats and meetings are here to stay, so many are looking for all kinds of solutions to be able to talk to acquaintances in the distance. Among the proposals have appeared Zoom and Google Meets , and of course, the party could not miss another great protagonist, Facebook, who intends to bring Messenger Rooms to all corners, including Instagram.

Video conferencing on Instagram

Create a video Conference with 50 people from Instagram

Considering the large number of people using Instagram, it makes perfect sense for Zuckerberg’s company to take advantage of the social network to bring users to its Messenger Rooms service. This video conferencing service is the Facebook solution that allows video group rooms with up to 50 people at the same time, so they have decided to mix the best of both worlds so that everyone wins.

The idea is that we can create a group meeting directly from Instagram inviting our Instagram contacts, although the conference will actually take place in Messenger Rooms. We will explain step by step the procedure to follow so that you can make your virtual meeting with up to 50 people .

How to create a Room with your Instagram contacts

  • The first thing you will have to do is enter the Instagram application and press the Messaging icon (the one with the paper plane).
  • Inside you will see the video chat icon, and it will be there where you can create a room. You can also create a video chat if you invite the contacts in that first window (the classic Instagram videoconferences), but when creating the room we will have other advantages that we will explain below. So click on Create room .

Instagram videoconferencia

  • In this new window we will have to confirm that we will create the chat room with our Facebook profile.
  • And the next step will be to send the invitation to the room to all those contacts that we want, with a limit of up to 50 people. Select the contacts you want to invite to the room and click send.

Instagram videoconferencia

  • At that time, the guests will receive a direct message from Instagram with the link to the chat room. And you can copy that link to share it by other means, such as an email, WhatsApp or any other system.
  • Press Enter into the room and wait for the other guests to join the party.
  • Inside the room you can select if you want to block access to the room (no one else can enter) or if you want to end the room so that the link you shared stops working forever.

What advantage does the Facebook Messenger Rooms offer compared to Instagram chats?

Facebook Messenger Rooms

As we said, creating a Facebook Messenger room offers a number of advantages, and that is that we can share the direct link to the room with whoever we want. This means that anyone with the link could enter it, so in case you don’t want anyone else to be able to join, you will have to select it in the configuration options.

Thanks to the link of the room, users can enter it from a mobile device, tablet or computer, so there will be enough comfort when joining.

Do I need Facebook Messenger to enter the Room?

To start talking to other users, it is not necessary to have the Facebook Messenger application installed on our computer, however, it is recommended, since we can use advanced functions to make the video conference more fun, such as, for example, live camera effects .

The chat is perfectly accessible through a browser, but it is not the most appropriate, since you could find incompatibilities and complications when activating the camera and the microphone. The easiest thing is to enter through the Facebook Messenger application.

Do you need a Facebook account?

If you are being invited to a room, you can enter it without problems without having a Facebook account, since you can access as a guest. However, if you are going to create a new room, in that case you will need to log in with a Facebook account (obvious if we consider that you are using their service).