Trends in networks that will arrive in 2020

networksWe live constant technological changes year after year. If we talk about networks, what interests us most, we can see that everything has changed a lot in a matter of a few years. Before the connections were almost entirely through cable. Little by little, mobile devices were emerging and in turn the improvements in Wi-Fi networks. Today we echo a report that shows what will be the trends and changes in networks for next year that is about to arrive.

Trends in networks for 2020

Today technology advances by leaps and bounds in a short time. If we mention the issue of networks, in recent times we have experienced important changes. If we talk about mobile networks, there have undoubtedly been important changes in speed and quality. The same also for broadband.

Wi-Fi 6 will gain a lot of weight

Wireless networks are vital today due to the increase in mobile devices. For that, Wi-Fi 6 also emerged, which is the most current technology in this regard. This makes it possible to connect more equipment to the network without suffering connectivity problems.

The tendency is that throughout 2020 Wi-Fi 6 will be much more present and gain weight. It will be available in many more places and devices. After all, it is the pioneer Wi-Fi technology today.

5G will reach many more places

Another network technology that is already present is 5G . It will mean a major change in mobile connections, since we will gain in speed, quality and coverage. However, today it is available in very few places, as well as very few compatible terminals.

Global network experts ensure that 5G will be present in many more places during this year 2020. It is logical to think that it will gradually reach many more cities around the world. Of course, it will be a little longer to reach an impact like 4G.

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Artificial intelligence will gain importance in the network

We will also have artificial intelligence with a greater presence and importance in the network. More and more devices are compatible with computers of what we know as the Internet of Things. Throughout 2020 many of the current ones will be more present in our day to day, but we will also have many new ones.

The networks will be more automated

We have more and more devices connected to the network. There are many computers in the cloud and this will mean that everything is much more automated. During the next year the trend is that more devices are connected to the network and automated. We will have a wide range of possibilities in this regard.

More security, but also more risks

It is true that security is constantly improving and that we have more possibilities to protect our networks. However, it must also be taken into account that during the year 2020 new risks will appear. We speak for example of IoT devices, many of which are vulnerable and can make our networks more insecure.