Conversation Translator App: Review and Its Features

translator-for-conversationsSurely on more than one occasion you have had certain problems when communicating with people who do not speak your language, I already know when chatting with them or simply when talking to them. Well, the Conversation Translator application allows this to cease to be an inconvenience in a fairly simple way and, best of all, with great effectiveness when using it.

One of the things that make this work different from others that are used for the same thing, is that the user interface blatantly reminds of what is used in messaging developments … so everything is quite intuitive … But, yes, the appearance of the interface is not exactly very modern -by recharged- and, in addition, the images used are not very current. The case is that with the use we have verified that everything is quite simple at the time of using Conversation Translator and, in addition, that with terminals with a little powerful hardware everything works like a charm (the minimum requirement that matters is have Android 4.1 or higher).

When working with this application, we must say that we were surprised on the one hand the speed with which translations are made, since it is almost immediate, and this is remarkable since to access the database of the language used it is necessary to access to the Internet since everything is based on the cloud (there are no privacy problems, everything must be said). We also believe that it is positive that the results obtained are very reliable and few mistakes are made when obtaining texts that are exact to those that have been written … and, this, is precisely something that makes it quite advisable despite the little that occupies the work – even, sometimes committing spelling mistakes the development was able to understand what he had to do.

As for usability , it must be said that the one offered by Conversation Translator is correct , without further ado. We say this because the access icons to the options are not exactly the most accessible in the world and, even, sometimes you can doubt about finding it. This makes us believe that a redesign of the application is not a bad idea at all, since it would give it a more current touch and, in addition, it is certain that what we are commenting is corrected. Of course, once you know where everything is, everything becomes completely intuitive .

A good functioning Conversation Translator … and without a doubt

This is something that we liked a lot at work, since you simply have to click on the language flag to translate (which is the one that corresponds to the original phrase or word) and that can be two options, and on each side of the lower zone. Once this is done, the text in question is written regularly as the Android terminal keyboard appears and the translation result is automatically displayed. If you click on the green arrow icon, it is sent to the program interface.

What is it used for? Well, for something as interesting as being able to use the icon in the form of an old microphone and, then, the application by telling us what has been translated … ideal for when you go on a trip (by the way, you also access the microphone, by what is possible to dictate a text to work with it, a good detail this). It should be noted that the number of languages that are accessible in Conversation Translator is very large , with all of them used regularly, but with many possibilities since you can even select dialects from the Asian area. Excellent this.

Get Conversation Translator

This is possible to do both in the Galaxy Store (in the lower area we leave the corresponding link) and even in the Play Store . In both cases the process is completely free and recognizable, so in just a couple of minutes the development has been installed without problems and with full functionality. The truth is that it deserves to give this development a chance since we close that it is worth it and, especially, on devices that are not very powerful.