PicoTorrent Review: an Alternative to uTorrent to Download Faster

download-picotorrentIn the P2P network sector, for years we have the possibility of using multiple clients in this regard. Here we can highlight such popular and long-used programs such as uTorrent or qBittorrent .

You could say that both clients for torrent files are the options preferred by most, but as we say, they are not the only one. We must bear in mind that these types of files have been among us for many years, so there are many developers who have entered the same.

A lightweight and simple open source torrent client

That is why in these moments we are going to talk about a proposal of this type called PicoTorrent. Actually it is another alternative for torrent and P2P networks that is characterized by its simplicity and the few resources it consumes. It is worth mentioning that you can try it from this link , and we refer to a free and open source program.

Thus, although it is usual for the torrent client interface to appear fairly clean, in this case it is even more so. This is largely due to the lack of the usual toolbar that we usually find in almost every program. Thus, in order to start using the application, we can add new torrents by simply dragging and dropping them in the interface of this program. We can also do it from the File menu or by pasting the corresponding torrent link.


Before arriving here, we will find a small informative window where we will see its size and content . After this, as usual in these cases, the name of the file will appear on the screen, as well as the percentage of the download process, its availability, or the remaining time, among other data. As we see, this is the usual behavior of the majority of torrent clients that we have used over the years.

Few customization options in PicoTorrent

However, as we mentioned earlier, if something differentiates this program, it is its simplicity. That is why in the View / Preferences menu, we will see few options. Typically, programs of this type include a good amount of customizable functions, many of them somewhat complex. On the contrary in PicoTorrent everything is much easier and intuitive.

In fact, in its configuration section we only find four sections where we can change the language of the interface or make the program start with Windows . Similarly we can set download or upload limits or indicate the port we want to use. Thus, as we see, we have the most basic and usual functions of this type of programs, without further complications.

PicoTorrent configuración

Moreover, from the program interface, when clicking on any torrent we are dealing with, a drop-down menu will appear. From this we will also have the possibility to pause the download, assign a priority , queue it, or delete it. Similarly here we have a direct access to the folder where the downloaded files are saved, or to copy the hash information.

Therefore, for those who work regularly with torrent files but do not want to get complicated with complex functions, PicoTorrent is a good alternative. In addition we save the rumors of security and privacy that have sometimes surrounded other programs of this type such as uTorrent.