Top Retro Gaming Consoles to Relive Classic Video Games

This is the reason why there is a need for those gaming fans who want to go back to the games that they love to play when they were kids. So whether you want to replay old games or see what all the fuss was about for the first time, there is a variety of retro gaming consoles that are worth buying.

These consoles may have other additional features such as the added capacity for games, which means that the console can never be bored.

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1. Retro X12 Plus

Taking Nostalgia on the Road: Material Culture and Home on Road Trips.

Retro X12 plus is a compact console that physically looks like an outdated Sony’s portable gaming gadget and brings excellent entertainment to every pocket.

Screen Size: 7 inches

Pre-installed Games: 3,000

Emulators: 10

Storage: 16 GB (expandable)

Price: €35. 00

The Retro X12 Plus has a bigger screen and can install additional games, which makes it suitable for use even on the go.


Living Room Design Ideas with Retro Gaming.

The 4KRET20k KARAWAN is meant for living-room usage, which makes it a perfect companion for social gaming together with friends and relatives. This stick format console directly connects to your TV via HDMI cables creating a clutter-free setup.

Wireless Controllers: Yes

Pre-installed Games: 20,000

Storage: 1 TF card 64G .

Price: €42. 00

The inclusion of the wireless controllers also mimics the first commercial console by Sony to give gamers a beautiful experience in gaming while ensuring comfort.

3. Retro R36S

A Traditional Exterior with Advanced Technology.

Differentiation comes through Retro R36S with its looks of the early handheld gaming devices. It is a complete highly powerful retro console available today.

Operating System: Linux

Pre-installed Games: 15,000

Emulators: 21

Storage: 64 GB

Battery Life: There exists a long usage period of up to 8 hours.

Price: €39. 00

This console is suitable for Linux enthusiasts and gamers who appreciate the rich library of old games.


Superb Game Library for Home Gaming.

ARKADIAGAME console is perfect for those who prefer to have all elements of a gaming setup at home. It provides a wide library of gaming options and hassle-free TV connection.

Controllers: Two sixth sense like controllers similar to Sony’s.

Pre-installed Games: 40,000

Emulators: 40

Expandable Storage: Yes

Price: Varies

This particular console comes equipped with 40 emulators as well as 40,000 games so that your boredom never sets in. More games can be downloaded using the sd card.


These retro gaming consoles offer a brilliant platform to play video games both within and outside the walls of your house. Be it the Retro X12 plus that comes with a portable console or the ARKADIAGAME that offers gamers some of the best games out there, there is a retro console out there that suits every type of gamer. Remember the good old days? Here’s your chance to relive them with popular childhood games.