Early iPhone Games: Remembering the Classics That Started It All

Looking back at the App Store history and iPhone games that came out as devices hit their eighteenth birthday is a great opportunity to see what mobile games looked like during their initial years. It is interesting that some of these games have been transformed in different dimensions but the first form etched in the memory of the gamers.

So let us go back into the history books and look at some of those very first games that came out through the App Store.

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Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark is another old-time App Store game that is worth a mention. It was a killer game as it gave the players a chance to play as a shark on a feeding rampage and devour everything on its way. Ever since its first release there have been several new versions and upgrades in the system but the basic idea remains more or less similar. It actually was a revolutionary game back then especially to those who were coming from simple mobile games that is like Snake in Nokia phones.

Touch Hockey

Among its earliest successful applications was Touch Hockey, which is a digital air hockey that utilizes the touch screen of iPhones. The ability to slide the puck with the simple use of the finger with a smooth interaction structure made it a perfect application for the new users of the iPhone. It was released in 2008 and was a demo to show people the possibilities of touch screen gaming and wow their friends that they can do this cool thing.

Angry Birds

I believe there is hardly anyone who is unfamiliar with Angry Birds. This game spread like a virus across the world in no time with its engaging & catchy gameplay plus likeable graphics and designs. Fingers were used to throw birds at structures inhabited by pigs making it a game with interesting physics-based puzzles that employed the gamers touch screen. The game success of Angry Birds was followed by numerous sequels, spin-offs and even a movie but genuinely the original one is a legendary game.

Super Monkey Ball

Super monkey ball was another early favorite; this time it was about fun and challenging stages. In the monkey ball players had to move a monkey inside a ball through different mazes by tilting their iPhone that is fully making use of the accelerometers of the iPhone. This was so massive that the game was one of the first paid apps that many users got. Even though it has been remade time and again, there is still something about the original that is pure and exciting for those who have watched it.

Tap Tap Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge revolutionized music and rhythm game scene for many. It was essentially the Guitar Hero game on a mobile platform in which the users tapped the mobile device in sync with the popular songs. Its easy but addictive gameplay engine led to the game being one of the most popular and tops the download list on the App Store. It made the floor for music-related games on mobile devices.

Lightsaber Unleashed

Last but not least is the Lightsaber Unleashed one can mention. It does not portray any complex story but it gave Star Wars fans a chance to use an iPhone as a virtual lightsaber. The app capitalized on the device’s motion sensors to generate lightsaber sounds and an illusion of motion that kept fans of the franchise busy for hours.


It is worth mentioning that these early games were not only an entertainment but also a successful implementation of the potential of mobile platform for gaming. They demonstrated what iPhone could be capable of and laid the foundation for the more or less diverse gaming environment that we have today.

Share Your Memories

The first games that you downloaded in your iPhone are?So leave a comment and let us know your experiences and which game you liked the most. I was one of those people who switched from call and text phones; so those early iPhone games were simply miraculous for me.