How to Access Restricted Telegram Channels on iPhone: A Quick Guide

If you are an iPhone user who saw the message “This channel cannot be shown. . . “ Then maybe you are asking, What is the reason behind it? and How do I get over it?Such restriction is usually witnessed because of content filters on Telegram that are highly applied on iOS devices. But there is an understandable method to remove this filter and get access to any Telegram group or channel from an iPhone.

Telegram app blocked
Channels Restricted on iPhone: Why it Happened?

One way in which Telegram tries to circumvent the rules set by Apple for its platform is by imposing content limitations for its iOS application. This implies that some groups and channels available to audiences using an Android device or a web browser may not be accessible on an iPhone. It can lead to false positives whereby these restrictions are applied to channels that do not have the sensitive content.

How to Bypass Channel Security Restrictions on iPhone.

1. Use Telegram Web

The most convenient way is via the web version of Telegram to turn off the content filter. Follow these steps:

Open Telegram Web: The following options are offered: go to web. telegram. org into your computer or iPhone browser.

Log In: Select sign in with Telegram and use your Telegram account. Perhaps you will need to use the phone to receive some code for login.

2. Make Privacy and Security Settings.

Open Settings: After login: click on the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner.

Select “Settings”: Go to “Settings” and under “Privacy and Security.

Find “Sensitive Content”: Look for the Sensitive Content option further down the page.

Disable the Filter: Go ahead and tick the box next to “Disable Filter. ” A pop-up note will appear to notify you of the fact that the setting in question will apply to all devices registered under your account.

3. Proof on Your iPhone. New York Times, 11 August .

Open Telegram App: Back to the Telegram application on your iPhone device.

Access the Channel: Go ahead and try to gain access to this hither to blocked channel. It will now load the content of this page for you without problems.


Restart the App: Still you have some problem then quit and relaunch the Telegram application on your Apple iPhone.

Reboot Your iPhone: Occasionally, they ask the pupil to restart the computer so that settings may take effect.

Additional Notes

Permanent Changes: When you turn off the content filter through the web, it affects all devices signing to Telegram with your account.

Channel Removal: Disabling the filter will NOT bring back access to a channel if it has been kicked out of Telegram for its violation of terms.


It is possible to enable the content filter on Telegram If an iPhone user does not want to have access to groups and channels that can be prevented without special reasons. Creating a new podcast is also easy and only requires a few minutes of your time. Further, no one can interrupt your flow with your favorite channels on Telegram by following these steps.