Top 10 Innovative Instagram Story Ideas That Could Inspire People

Instagram Stories started a few years back. As time progressed, the content became more diverse. Take a moment to go through this blog as we discuss the top ten Instagram story ideas.

1. Go Live

Connect to your followers with live video on Instagram.

The entire experience is interactive as you get your followers involved in your project. Your followers can post comments, react to the video, ask questions, and give live feedback to your video.

Usually, Instagram announces your followers about your live coverage. Alternatively, you may share the video on your story once the stream ends to reach followers who were not able to tune in to your live stream.

2. Create Polls for Your Audience

Often, you are unable to understand what the audience wants. Creating polls for people helps you get in sync with what people want.

If you are doing all the hard work and nobody likes the topic, you are not going to have many views.

You can also use polls for business, behavior research, and much more. Think about allowing the user to generate options, just in case the option is not available in the poll. It helps you understand the audience that you are working with and what are their likes and dislikes.

3. Post Some Inspirational Quotes and Stories

Sometimes, people pass through challenging phases and require motivation to move on. You can be their daily dose of inspiration, motivating them with quotes and real-life stories of famous people.

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Adversity makes the bonds stronger. As you stand with your followers at their weakest point, the inspirational advice and quotes will pay off and develop your personality as well. Moreover, you will gain some loyal followers in the process.

4. Get Support from Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers help your stories to stand apart from the crowd. They have a lot of influence and following on Instagram, and can help you get an edge by maximizing the audience. It will also help you to garner the attention of people who do not know about your brand.

5. Make Your Story Stand Out

Make an engaging story with good visuals to make your story stand out from the rest and make sure to add hashtags. You can make your video more lively with music, stickers, templates, and animated GIFs. Having an Instagram story template for the occasion can be very helpful.

Use special effects to stand out in the crowd. Pay attention to colors as well to describe the story in a more visually appealing way.

Video editors are equipped with video effects and templates to help you easily customize the stories. It allows easy sharing and publication of the story.

6. Create a Countdown or Giveaway and Engage the Audience

Use countdown for an event or create limited-time countdown deals.

Set up a giveaway with specific rules to engage viewers and raise awareness. Engage the audience by listing top comments on your post. Create an event date and use a countdown to get the audience hooked on to it.

7. Drive Traffic by Click to Action Buttons

Use Instagram Stories to drive traffic to your blog where they can learn more.You need to use the ‘swipe for link’ feature of Instagram to link it to a specific address. You can also use a ‘call to action’ button for allowing users to book appointments, RSVP events, or shop for products.

Action buttons help the user to take the necessary steps after watching your story. Use action words throughout your story to prompt people to take action subconsciously.

8. Rain Down Stories

To make an event, venue, or an idea accessible, you need to market it appropriately. It is wise to have many stories at specific intervals, over a period. It will help people remember the event you are holding, mark the date, and be present at the event or seminar to witness your groundbreaking idea in person.

If you overdo it, people will lose interest and consider it as spam. So, make sure to time it correctly so that people do not lose interest.

9. Tutorials and Life Hacks

Sharing tutorials and life-hacks for everyday life can be the ultimate idea. You can also promote your products and ideas in the process. It is a great way to help people cope up with daily life, teach students more straightforward methods to solve a problem or help people improve their skills by giving them a new perspective.

10. Use IGTV

Instagram Stories are usually concise. However, using Instagram TV, you can increase it to an hour. It provides you with enough time to explain, show the audience, and engage them in action. You can use Instagram Story to promote your IGTV videos.

Since the videos will be long, there might be more room for error. You need to plan IGTV videos with a script. Post a link of the IGTV video along with a sneak peek of the video on your story.

How Instagram Story Works?

You can use all the tips mentioned above, but if you do not have a good story, it is worthless. To create a good Instagram story, you need to provide visually engaging content. Followers are hooked on to stories more than anything else.

Firstly, you need to engage the viewers with a hypothetical case scenario that will be relatable. Next, you need to show how things play out and provide solutions to the problems. Finally, make sure people can give feedback or learn more about the story.

The stories are all about the emotion that engages the audience in the story. A flat curve is a sign of a bland story. It is the presentation and delivery that separates a good story from a bad one.

Use an online video editor to make great stories. Make use of different camera angles to make the story lively. Use animations, transitions, and basic video operations to your work more engaging. The stories can be your base for building thought leadership and also for promoting your other forms of content.