11 Best Apps to Exercise Without Leaving Home

It’s time to stay home for health. We have to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading among the population and the health system from collapsing, and the best way to do this is as easy as not leaving the home. What things, right? With something so simple we can help more than ever.

If you want the wait until the quarantine ends to be a little more pleasant, we bring you an article that is perfect for it: the best apps to exercise without leaving home . You just need your Android or iOS mobile phone … and want to, of course.

7 Minute Workout

7 minute workout

We started this compilation with an application that almost always appears at the top of all the rankings when it comes to training from home: 7 minutes . Its name already makes it quite clear. The objective of this tool is that we carry out training routines for that period of time, always having as a background the famous HICT (high intensity circuit training to do a lot in a short time).

With more than 10 million downloads accumulated in the Google Play Store, this application has support for Google Fit, which will help you train. Now, if you don’t have it, the good thing about this tool is that it introduces a multitude of exercises for all kinds of situations, from losing weight to having a flat abdomen, strengthening muscles, etc. The series are always the same: 12 exercises that must be performed in just 30 seconds and with only 10-second breaks . From there, the rest is up to you: you can’t stop (in fact, this is very important).

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Freeletics Training Coach

We jump to an application that we have used a lot here: Freeletics Bodyweight . This tool is one of the best known for exercising from home, and there are the more than 40 million downloads it has in digital bazaars. The key to Freeletics is that within this we have a digital personal trainer. From the data that we are giving him, he will carry out different analyzes to see where we can improve or where we are already well on a physical level.

Freeletics Bodyweight bases almost all of its training plan on HIITs , practically identical to the HICTs we talked about before (the difference is that instead of circuits, here are intervals, that’s it). The good thing is that it incorporates different levels of intensity, that is, it adapts to the physical form that you have with basic plans, medium, high and others .

Likewise, you should not worry about the material, since all the exercises are based on the use of your own body as weight. Of course, you can also set workouts for running or for gym machines . As a curiosity before finishing, the training plan lasts from 6 to 12 weeks. If you do it, you will surely see the changes in your own body.

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HIIT and Cardio

We continue with HIITs, since these programs are the best to train at home because of the short duration and how easy they are to execute (in the end, you only need yourself). HIIT and cardio is the name of this video workout app that offers just what its name suggests.

With more than 90 different exercises and 4 unique training programs , each and every one of the exercises are represented on the screen, so you have a guide to know if you are doing them well or not. In addition, a virtual trainer will hit you “voices” to keep you up to speed, always adjusting the difficulty of the training routine to your physical shape (vital, do not forget). By the way, it works offline, so put the airplane mode, that nobody bothers you … and train hard!

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Yoga for Beginners

Three applications based on HICT and HIIT, so let’s change a little talking about yoga . What started out as a passing fad, has now become one of the most popular activities for the entire population. Not only does it allow you to calm down, gain concentration and live more relaxed, but you also get a lot of exercise when you practice (more than you might think first).

With Yoga for beginners we have an application that gives just that, that is, a training plan to perform yoga in its most amateur way. If you are thinking of making the jump to yoga and have never dared, perhaps this application is the ideal one before entering a class. The app is made up of three yoga practices (vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga and restorative yoga), so you can choose the one that best suits what you can offer.

It goes without saying that this tool is intended, above all, for beginners (as its name suggests). Therefore, unless you have already done yoga for a season or know enough about it, the exercises may seem a bit short. Keep this in mind if you are going to download it.

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Six Pack in 30 Days

There are few things that reflect the training better than the chocolate bar. Yes, the abs are always the most striking part of an exercise routine, since it is what you see the most. If you want to show off a good gut and make your stomach look like something out of a superhero movie, Abs in 30 days can come in handy.

Forget in this application to find exercise routines for other parts of the body: everything focuses on the abs. From here, the app bases its plan on 30 days of continuous exercise to lose fat and that the muscles begin to notice. Luckily for you, it also incorporates different levels of difficulty, so that if one is uphill, you can always lower the piston.

By the way. Although all the exercises are focused on the chocolate bar, we assure you that you will exercise other muscles with the completion of some exercises (and the good thing is that you can see it in the example videos).

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Fitbit Coach

It is impossible that you have not heard of Fitbit, since it is the most famous brand of bracelets in the world – with permission from one to another, of course. The popular wearable also has its own app, which is called the Fibit Coach . The aim of this app is to “get fit and stay easier thanks to dynamic workouts that continually adjust according to your comments, goals and abilities.”

As you can well imagine, this tool works perfectly if you have your bracelet synchronized with it. However, and in case you do not have a Fitbit wearable, the app itself offers several training plans, from some of 7 minutes to others of 60 minutes (it all depends, in the end, on what you want to do and what that fits your rhythm).

Likewise, Fitbit Coach has a personalized training function, where the videos that appear show all the movements and “ motivate you by giving you advice ”. And as it is obvious in this type of applications, it incorporates a Premium paid function to access more content to take advantage of while you train.

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30-day Sports Challenge

Do you remember the application that we brought you before on how to get perfect abs in just 30 days? Well now we go to the same period of time, but focused on general training. With Sports Challenge 30 days we have an application that is structured in three well-defined categories: whole body, abs and glutes . Likewise, it is divided into three categories such as beginner, intermediate and advanced .

From here, the user has to choose both the “difficulty mode” and what they want to train. The application displays a calendar with those 30 days of the month and if sports have been practiced during each of them. In addition, there is a video guide to avoid losing any detail of what is being done, as well as establishing a series of goals that we know we can achieve (training is as important as knowing that the objectives we set are achievable).

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Alo Moves

More than a sports app, Alo Moves is a sports community. And we explain ourselves. In this tool, which was previously called Cody, what we have are more than 2,500 videos recorded by experts in their field. Therefore, we will see the same from yoga classes of all levels to other fitness classes, pilates, HIIT and a long etcetera.

The key to this application is that there is no training plan as such, that is, stipulated by the program’s professionals and programmers. In this way, everything is restricted to the lessons taught by the teachers who upload their content. This has both a pro and a con. The first thing is that you are going to find new material with overwhelming ease (after all, it is the people who are dedicated to creating it); The negative, on the other hand, is that there is no guide or planning as other applications have, in addition to being careful in case some videos are offered by staff who do not measure up.

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Home Workouts

Your name says it all, right? With Home Exercises we have an application that does just its job, that is, to be able to carry out very basic and simple exercises, those that we learned in school and that for different reasons we have already forgotten. Thanks to this tool, sports practice comes back to your life, more considering that to carry out these exercises you only need your body and little else (at most a mat, so as not to hurt yourself).

Each activity has every detail and an illustrative image to facilitate its execution . In addition, it also has a training and stretching routine, two acts that are often overlooked and are just as important as the practice itself (especially to avoid injury). All the exercises proposed have been performed by sports professionals, which guarantees that they are not being taught by any person.

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Sworkit Fitness

This application is one of the most famous on the market when it comes to training plans in mobile applications: Sworkit Trainer . It is not us who say it, but the more than 25 million downloads that it accumulates in the Google Play Store, a good example of the relevance it has among users.

Sworkit stands out for its personalized training sessions in audiovisual format. That is, everything you are going to do appears previously explained in a video, so that you do not miss a single detail. You can choose the type of training between strength, aerobic, stretching or yoga, as well as choosing the duration, which ranges from 5 to 60 minutes . In addition, it incorporates a mode for the elderly, where everything adjusts to the age and ailments of the user in question (and this is a success)

What is the only problem with this application? Well, it’s free … but only for 7 days . From there, the application will charge you for its use. In fact, our recommendation is that you cancel the subscription as soon as you download it for the first time, since the renewal process is automatic (so you will not have any surprises in the account).

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SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

Behind this application is Kayla Itsines , one of the most famous personal trainers on social networks. However, other famous faces such as Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Stephanie Sanzo and Sjana Earp also participate. As with HIITs, your workouts are all based on high intensity frequencies using minimal equipment for it.

SWEAT incorporates training plans for all types of people, from those with mobility problems to others who have overcome an injury or even childbirth (to regain shape and lose the gut). Of course, most are characterized by being made up of 28-minute workouts , as well as an 8-week plan that must be carried out without any detention.

The app contains more than 300 pages on fitness, nutrition and well-being, in addition to recording and monitoring everything you do. As soon as you fulfill your plans, staying in shape will become easier.

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