Tired of the mobile keyboard changing words by itself?

Nobody doubts that the smartphone keyboard is one of those essential tools when it comes to using any mobile device. Although it is true, there are alternatives such as voice dictation that are gaining strength. However, this tool is what makes it easier for us to communicate with whoever we want quickly through writing. Although, sometimes it can be upsetting.

More than anything, because sometimes by not having much control over how it can be configured, the truth is that it can be a problem in some aspects. Surely, more than one user has made the day bitter when this tool does not stop changing the words that he writes over and over again. But why does it do it?

mobile keyboard changing words by itself

Goodbye autocorrect

Maybe in its day when you used the phone for the first time, it seemed like a good idea to enable all those options that you saw when configuring this tool on your smartphone. But, it can become a real nightmare, especially when you have tried to write a word your way a few times. Luckily, there is a solution, since the main culprit is the text autocorrect on your mobile.

Maybe you had not fallen into this setting, but yes, there is a function that will automatically correct the words as long as we do not write them as established in the dictionary. Therefore, if what you want is for your mobile to let you write in your own way, it will be time to deactivate it forever.

Teclado móvil Android

Although, it will also depend on which smartphone you have, in the case of Android, the most common is that the path is: Settings> Keyboard or Language and text input> choose the keyboard> Text autocorrect (although it could also be found as Correction of text or Correction / Spell check). Everything will depend on the customization layer of your smartphone.

In case you have an Apple mobile, the steps will be as follows: Settings> General> Keyboard. In there, you will find all the options of this tool, including AutoCorrect.

Autocorrección iPhone

And the suggestions?

Another enemy when writing with our smartphone can also be the suggestions that this terminal writing tool will offer us. Basically, because this function can also change some words for others, especially if we use words that are not yet recognized by this software.

quitar sugerencias teclado android

To remove it on an Android mobile, we must enter the section> Keyboard or Language and text input> choose the keyboard> Deactivate Predictive text or Show suggestion strip. In the case of iOS, we will have to go to Settings> General> Keyboard> and deactivate Predictive .

In this way, we will ensure that this tool no longer manages to always change the words that we are writing, in addition to saving ourselves inconvenience and time in not having to rewrite them.