Tips when buying a smartband: types of activity bracelets

Have you ever considered getting a smartband ? If so, surely thousands and thousands of doubts have arisen. Like, for example, which brand is most recommended or what you should look for to find the most complete. In this buying guide we are going to analyze everything you need to know about an activity bracelet so that you can choose the best one for you. Continue reading!

Activity bracelets have become increasingly popular, becoming almost essential in our day to day. Not only do they help us stay active and see if we’re getting enough activity, they also allow us to stay connected.

Tips when buying a smartband: types of activity bracelets

But, as with virtually all technological devices, there are so many on the market that it is difficult to know which one to choose. That is why we wanted to design this buying guide, to make your job much easier. There are hundreds, even thousands, of smartbands. But there is always one more suitable for you! And we are going to teach you the keys to find the ideal.

Reasons to buy a smartband

Let’s start at the beginning: yes, buying a smartband is a good idea . First of all, who doesn’t always carry a watch with them? Well, this bracelet will allow you to replace that traditional watch, maintaining the functionality of telling you what time it is . But to this you will have to add a large number of added features that will make your day to day easier.

correas smartband

Even the simplest and most affordable ones let you see how many steps you’ve taken . Staying active nowadays, when almost all of us have very sedentary jobs, is essential to maintain a correct physical form. As indicated by the World Health Organization, it is necessary to take 10,000 steps a day. And with your smartband you can set yourself challenges and achieve them!

As if this were not enough, you will also know your heart rate . Whether or not you have suffered from heart problems, it is an important parameter that speaks volumes about your health. If you are also one of those who do sports daily, you will be able to know if the intensity of this is being adequate. And there are even bracelets that allow you to know other types of parameters related to your body, such as blood oxygen saturation .

Beyond the health section, these devices are a very discreet way to always stay connected to your smartphone without having to take it out of your pocket. If you are in a meeting, or if you are walking down the street, you will not have to stop to pick up the phone to see who has written you a message. All this you can see quickly from your wrist. They are all advantages! The moment you incorporate a smartband into your life, you won’t know how to live without it.

The differences between a smartband and a smartwatch

Not sure whether to decide on a smartwatch or a smartband? It is a totally understandable doubt! To know which of the two devices suits you best, the ideal is to know the differences between them. The truth is that this will depend a lot on the specific products you want to compare, since just as there are high-end watches, there are also bracelets like this!

Today, the functions at the sports level can be exactly the same. You will find smart bracelets capable of monitoring exactly the same as a smart watch: steps, heart rate, physical activity, sleep, stress, oxygen saturation… With which, this factor may not be significant enough for you to take a decision. Yes, you will notice the difference in the fact that smartbands do not usually have an operating system . This will make them have fewer features in this regard, since they will not let you download apps , for example. In the event that you are looking for a complex device that works almost like a smartphone, a smartwatch is better.

Yes, there is a point that will surely make you decide on one or the other: the size . The bracelets are much more discreet, they have smaller measurements, and that will allow you to wear them without attracting too much attention. While smartwatches occupy the same space as a traditional watch, or even more, these bracelets are more restrained.

Of course, this can have a downside: the screen is smaller, and the notifications will be smaller. Do not worry too much about this, since if you choose a good quality bracelet with an efficient screen, you will hardly notice it! In the end, the decision between one device or another will depend a lot on your needs and your taste. Of course: a smartband is usually more affordable than a smartwatch. And this is a very positive point in its favor!

Look at these factors when buying a

Are you sure you want to get an activity bracelet? In that case, there are certain factors that you should consider before launching to buy. As it happens with all devices, there are some features that we could consider vital and that will change your user experience a lot. If you don’t analyze them carefully before you hit the ‘buy’ button, the regrets may follow! Continue reading, since we help you.

Size and weight

The first thing that should be analyzed in a wearable is both its size and its weight. After all, it is a device that you will always carry with you. Not only to play sports, but also to work, to walk and you may not even take it off to sleep. That is why it is recommended that its weight be light. You will find a wide variety of smart bracelets in this regard, some less than 50 grams in weight and others that exceed 100 grams.

Smartband que mide el estrés

When talking about weight, you also have to consider that the size of the screen has an influence . At a minimum, you should look for wristbands that have around an inch of screen. Below this figure it may end up being difficult for you to check the notifications or the different health parameters. But, of course… The larger the screen, the more likely it is that the smartband will end up being too heavy.

At this point, there is a question you should ask yourself: do you need a big screen or do you prefer a light smartband ? Although it is true that there are some models that combine both characteristics, they are usually much more expensive and difficult to find. There is no good answer to this situation, although we recommend that you consider the following before buying:

  • What size is your wrist? Because if it is very thin, it is probably a good idea to choose a device according to that size .
  • Are you used to wearing a big watch? In that case, maybe the weight doesn’t bother you because it’s something you usually live with.
  • Do you need the screen to be large to be able to see the notifications well? If the answer is yes, you may need to prioritize this aspect.

Design and comfort: vital in a smartband

Very much in line with what we have just mentioned, it is interesting to note that you should see that the bracelet is comfortable for you. How can we know this if we cannot try it and buy it online? Well, it’s much simpler than it seems. It is important that you pay attention to the materials of the strap that you bring with you and that you check if you can change it. In this way, even if the bracelet does not come with a strap that you like, later you can find one that fits you better.

smartband Amazfit Band 5

In addition, it is essential that you take into account the real measurements of the smartband. That is, both the height and the width. Once you know them, since they are usually reflected in the product specifications, you will be able to compare them with your wrist. Do not choose one that stands out too much, as it could end up being annoying.

As for the design , make sure that you like the dial itself and you can take it with you without feeling too out of place. Normally, all smartbands allow you to later customize the interior of the sphere, so make sure that the model you are going to choose allows you to do so! The exterior will always stay as it is, so look for an aesthetic that fits well with your style. The strap is another of those points that you can change later, as long as the smartband allows you to do so.

The interface: key on a smartband

Another important factor when choosing a smartband or another is the interface that it brings with it. It is essential that this be as simple as possible and that it allows us to relate to the bracelet quickly. That is, you don’t have to take an infinite number of steps to get to settings , for example. In this sense, the Xiaomi or Amazfit bracelets are very interesting, since they are highly intuitive .

smartband en la muñeca

Fitness trackers tend to be so simple that they don’t have an operating system , as many smartwatches can. This implies that you will have to connect them to a smartphone to be able to know all the stored data with precision. However, there are many bracelets that allow you to see some of this data on the screen itself, but it is usually data from that same day or a few days ago.

In this sense, it is also important that you take into account the compatibility with your smartphone. There are few bracelets that present a problem in this aspect, but it is something that you should analyze before launching into the purchase.

What should you prioritize, then? That the usability is good, that you can disengage with your smartband without having to constantly resort to the instruction book or Google. It should have a notification bar or a tab that allows you to access the most common settings , as well as a small menu where all the features are. Few are the bracelets with an operating system, but if you opt for one of these you can even download complementary apps .


As we have seen at the beginning, smartbands have a large number of functionalities , practically as many as smart watches. Not having an operating system means that they do not have access to an application repository, for example, although they usually have some already pre- installed . But when it comes to sports, you can do practically the same.

The first thing you should analyze in this regard are the sensors that the bracelet has. The most common are the following:

  • heart rate
  • Steps.
  • Daily activity.
  • Calories spent.
  • Sleep monitoring.

Smartband baratas con aplicación

From here, you will find smartbands that also have a blood oxygen saturation sensor , a temperature sensor, and even some with GPS. The latter are very useful for those who go out for a run and do not want to always carry their smartphone with them, but do want to know what route they have traveled. Of course, the price will increase the more the specifications of the bracelet go up.

In addition to what we have mentioned so far, it is interesting that you see how many sports modes it has. The minimum required is around 20 modes, since the most basic models have this. But you should know that there are bracelets that even have 100 modes … And this is a great plus! Because you can try a large number of different sports and record them easily.

Finally, there is a specification that you may not consider important but that can help you sometimes: the possibility of using virtual assistants . There are bracelets, such as those from Amazfit, that allow you to use Alexa through voice commands. If this might be of interest to you, take a look before you buy!


When we talked about the interface and the operating system, we also pointed out the importance of compatibility . The only way to make sure that our smartphone is going to be compatible with the new bracelet that we buy is to see how both devices will connect. We are not only talking about the connection via bluetooth , since this is something basic that all mobile phones usually have, but also if you need to download an application .

smartband Xiaomi

To access all the data that the bracelet stores, you will almost always need to download an app to connect it to your mobile phone. Each brand has a different one, and that can be present in the app store of your smartphone… Or not. For example, Samsung wristbands are not compatible with Apple devices. Connectivity is not good, so it is better not to mix in this regard.

There are some brands, such as Xiaomi or Amazfit, that are fully compatible with all terminals. It is a point that you must analyze previously, and that will always appear indicated in the specifications of the bracelet.


Are you looking for a smartband to do extreme sports? One that can withstand any type of weather situation? In that case, there are two factors to consider:

  • The first is the material , both the screen and the strap.
  • The second is the IP certification you have.

The strap shouldn’t worry you too much, as long as you can change it. Normally, you will be able to do it in most cases, and get a special strap to practice this type of activity. In the case of the screen, there are some that have Gorilla Glass glass . This material is very resistant and light, which will help you survive even the worst blows. In the event that the bracelet does not have any of this, you can always get a screen protector . They are very affordable!


However, IP certification is important. The resistance of the smartband to both water and dust depends on this. IP means, in English, Ingress Protection ; that is, income protection against any external agent. These letters are accompanied by two numbers, which tell us about protection against solids and dust and against liquids. While protection against dust is measured from 1 to 6, protection against liquids goes from 1 to 9.

Ideally, we talk about IP6X protection against dust, and IPX6 at least in terms of liquid. But if you are going to want to swim or dive into the water, the ideal is that the protection is IPX8 .

Both levels are combined, with which we would have to look for it to be IP68, for example. The 6 would be the one that indicates the protection against solids, as we have indicated, while the 8 would indicate how resistant it is to liquids. The final choice will depend a bit on the use that you are going to make of the smartband in general. If you are not going to bathe with it, an IP65 could be more than enough. It would not be affected by splashes, and you could find very affordable devices!

The importance of autonomy in a smartband

Finally, autonomy is a feature that will completely change your user experience. It is important that you prioritize that the smartband you buy has at least five days of autonomy . Although it is true that there are brands that, like Xiaomi, promise up to 14 days , it is not usual.

Why is the battery important? It’s very simple: we already live waiting to charge our smartphone, our computer, our headphones… We don’t need to have to be aware of the bracelet too! So if we can charge it once a week, even better!

The use of sensors is what most affects the battery and its expense. If you have a bracelet with GPS and you use it regularly, you will notice that the autonomy is quite low because it is a functionality that requires a lot. However, if you only use it to walk and receive your smartphone notifications, the autonomy will improve a lot.

Smart wristband brands

You already know all the parameters that you must analyze in a smartband to find the most suitable one for you, is there anything left to know? Yes! Each manufacturer has different specifications, strengths and weaknesses. It is important that you know this before buying a bracelet, in this way, see which one suits you best. Not only in terms of compatibility , as we have already pointed out, but much more.

To do this, we are going to see the main brands that work with smartbands and we are going to break down all their characteristics.


The Xiaomi brand has been characterized by offering products at a very good price and with quite good specifications. Their activity bracelets are a good proof of this, since they usually have almost all the sensors that we mentioned at the beginning. What’s more: the Mi Band 7 has them all, and there is even a version that also incorporates NFC.

Despite being so complete, their prices are usually low! The most you could pay for a smartband of this style is €60 , although you will always find offers and tricks to save some money. Stay until the end, because we will teach you our tricks!

They are perfect for those who want something simple to know how many steps they take each day, the activity they do and even the quality of their sleep. In addition, the strap can be changed and they are easily customizable. And they are compatible with all operating systems!


Huawei is a firm that is not far behind in terms of activity bracelets. In addition, these are characterized by having a fairly large screen , becoming almost a hybrid between a watch and a bracelet. They are a great choice for those who want to be able to see all their notifications clearly.

Not only that, but they are usually very complete in terms of sensors . They have many sports modes, above average, and even allow you to monitor your blood oxygen . The battery does not usually give problems, since it is around two weeks.

The biggest advantage of this brand’s bracelets is, without a doubt, the screen . Because you can customize it, check notifications, see the lunar phases… And dozens of other things! It is the best choice for those looking for an elegant, functional device with a very high autonomy. The price is still very affordable, around €50.


One of the brands most focused on sports , beyond connectivity, is Fitbit . Their activity bracelets are not affordable, since they are usually around €100 or more, but they are very complete. They don’t miss a single detail! They have all the sensors and even include algorithms to make very precise measurements.

To this we must add that they take great care of the design , always looking for elegance. Proof of this is the Fitbit Luxe model, perfect for those looking for their smartband to go completely unnoticed. Not only that, but they also have almost luxury special editions for those who want a totally different bracelet.

You’ll need to download an app that will be available on both Android phones and Apple devices, so you won’t have compatibility issues.


Although it may seem incredible, Samsung also has smart bracelets! Not everything is smartwatches, and the firm has also launched devices to compete in this sector. They have looked for lightness and ease of use when designing their bracelet, and it is something that can be seen with the naked eye.

Smartband Samsung Galaxy Fit

They are very simple devices and, at the same time, very affordable . They are a great choice mainly for those who already have a Samsung terminal , since connectivity is very high. Also, they are very intuitive. Perfect for beginners and those who don’t want to overcomplicate their lives.


On the other hand, we find the Garmin activity bracelets. They are extremely simple, designed only to display basic data such as time, distance or calories. Although it is true that they notify you through vibrations that you have received notifications, they do not show them as such.

They are a good choice for those who want the bracelet to go completely unnoticed, since that is what they will get. In spite of everything, they will be able to keep abreast of the notifications they receive through alerts, as well as the physical activity they carry out.


Finally, we cannot fail to mention another of those brands that has managed to make its way into the market in recent years: Amazfit . It is a firm that offers very high quality products at a very competitive price, just what we were looking for!

smartbands amazfit band 5

His most famous bracelet is the Amazfit Band, which you can even find for €20 when there are offers. It has the peculiarity of having Alexa inside it, something you should consider if you have your home automated. Because from your own wrist you can control any smart device .

It offers all the basic sensors and a powerful battery that guarantees up to two weeks of autonomy. Likewise, it is compatible with all kinds of operating systems so it will not give you problems in this regard either. And it has a very good quality screen ! As if that were not enough, it also allows you to change the strap whenever you want.

Recommendations for buying a smartband

Now yes! You already know everything you need to know to choose your ideal smartband well . But what is left for us to know? Although you can know all the parameters of the activity bracelet you want, you can make a mistake in your purchase if you do not know how to buy well online . With the tips that we will give you below, everything will be easier!

Variation of prices: keep an eye out!

It is essential that you know that the price of a smartband is not something fixed, but something that changes as time goes by. They can lower their cost because a new bracelet has come onto the market, because there are discounts or simply because the store decides so. In this sense, it would be interesting for you to monitor prices in order to make sure that the purchase you are making is a good one.

Uso de Alexa con la Amazfit Band 5

How long should you follow these prices? Well let’s not go crazy! It is not that you are analyzing the market for months, but it is that you check for a few days or a few weeks to see if the cost has fallen lately. On our website we usually keep updated the offers that are happening, so this is another way to know if the prices fluctuate!

Opinions give clues

One of the most important points when buying online is to analyze previous reviews . That is, see what opinion people who have already bought it have about the product. The model you were determined to buy may have a major flaw that you cannot appreciate without having it in your hands, and that is something that the reviews could tell you about! For example, a screen irregularity, a battery problem…

If you use stores like Amazon , it is important that you see the popularity of the product and the most recent opinions. In this way, you will avoid any kind of surprise.

Second hand smartband

Are you considering buying a second-hand product? In the case of smartbands, it could be a good alternative as long as you make sure of the status of the bracelet. Some tricks to buy second-hand products are the following:

  • Ask for photos and even videos of the device, if possible in operation and from different angles.
  • Do not make payments through platforms that could be suspicious.
  • Request an invoice , always as far as possible.
  • Try to test the product before making the final payment, whenever possible.
  • Agree on a kind of guarantee with the seller in case the item fails in the first weeks.

Taking into account that you can get a smartband first hand for just € 20 , it may be better to decide on a new product. But if you are going to venture with a bracelet of more than €100, you may prefer to save by looking for second-hand. As long as you follow the tips we’ve outlined above, you’ll hardly have any problems!

Buy an older smartband model?

Something that can help you save a lot of money is to buy an older model . Right now, you can find a large number of smart bracelets from past years on the market that continue to offer very interesting features . This is the case of the Xiaomi Band 6, for example, which has very similar specifications to the most recent model. And a much more affordable price!

Correa deportiva Cytech  Take a look at the specifications and go for a bracelet from last year, or the year before. Because the technology has not yet advanced so much in these years that it is outdated, and the price will be lower!

Check on sales

Finally, there is a secret that you should know: sales can be your best allies . Both Amazon Prime Day and the days without VAT at El Corte Inglés, including the famous Black Friday… These are exceptional times to save as much as possible on your purchases! All you have to do is make sure you’ve tracked the price before the sale, to see if it’s really worth it to jump on that smartband.


As you may have seen, choosing the best smartband for you can be a simpler task than it seems as long as you take into account some parameters. In summary, we are going to tell you what you should pay attention to yes or yes when buying a bracelet. That way there will be no possible failure!

  • The first thing you should do is consider what you are going to use the smartband for . In this sense, it is interesting that you decide if you want a light bracelet with a discreet screen or, on the contrary, you prioritize a large screen.
  • Do not forget to see if it is compatible with your smartphone , and if the app you must download is for your operating system.
  • Autonomy can be a decisive factor, so check how many days of battery life it offers. Look for a minimum of 5 days!
  • Finally, check carefully that all the sports sensors you were looking for are really in the bracelet. And may it have enough modes!