Smart oven: how it works, advantages it brings and which one to buy

Little by little, talking about a smart kitchen is becoming a taboo subject and more and more people are opting for this type of home appliance. Just as we can find washing machines, refrigerators or dishwashers, we can also find connected ovens, capable of helping us cook for ourselves in the most effective way.

Today in Topes de Gama we are going to talk about smart ovens. In this article we will learn exactly how this technology works, what advantages it brings us and what are the best options we can buy.

Smart oven: how it works, advantages it brings and which one to buy

How does a smart oven work?

When we talk about smart ovens we are referring to multifunction ovens that have high technology that allows you to cook through several different modes through simple navigation, which will help us eliminate certain guesswork.

In general, these ovens have been developed so that we can replace different devices that we currently use, as they are capable of carrying out a wide variety of tasks, which will allow us to save time and money.

Horno inteligente para cocinar

It is an ideal appliance for people with a small kitchen and above all who, either due to laziness or lack of time, cannot dedicate themselves to cooking and are looking for an appliance that takes care of it in a simple way.

Many of them are even equipped with smart home features. This allows us to control cooking from the mobile, use a voice assistant to turn it on, program it and access different recipes that are automatically programmed in the oven.

What we can do with them

If you doubt one of the key sections and what more questions we will ask ourselves is to know what exactly we can do with an intelligent oven. We simply have to download its application on our mobile and we will have access to certain functions such as:

  • Adjust the temperature and duration of cooking.
  • Monitor the kitchen remotely in real time.
  • Receive alerts that will notify us when the cooking program has finished.
  • Control some features with voice commands using Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Home.

Horno inteligente

These are just some of the key functions of these smart ovens capable of cooking for us with amazing results, but speaking of cooking, what dishes are we going to be able to prepare in them? Without a doubt, it is something that we will ask ourselves and that is that the variety is very wide, such as:

  • Pizza.
  • Roast chicken or turkey.
  • Chicken wings in the air.
  • Dried fruit.
  • Bake cupcakes, tarts and muffins.
  • Cook meals in a pan.
  • Bake casseroles and fry.
  • Make roasted vegetables.
  • Bake bread.
  • Etc.

We already have many of these functions in traditional ovens, but these, being intelligent, provide us with a fundamental advantage, and that is none other than having the ability to cook food without the need for us to pay attention. We will no longer burn the kitchen for leaving it too long, since the oven will take care of everything so that everything turns out perfect.

What features to consider before buying

When deciding on the purchase of an intelligent oven, we cannot jump headlong into the first available option, but first it is convenient to take into account a series of characteristics.

  • Size of the oven : an essential aspect is its size depending on where we are going to place it. We should also keep in mind that the smart oven can work with the replacement of other old appliances, which we may not need to have and can dedicate the entire counter space to the oven. Also, keep in mind that the smaller the oven, the faster it will heat up and the less electricity it will use. The number of people for whom we are going to cook normally also influences.
  • Number of cooking modes : another important section, the number of which will vary depending on our cooking style and what foods we are going to prepare most frequently. Usually a 5-in-1 oven (Steam, Bake, Roast, Reheat and Toast) should suffice.
  • Timed Recipes – Many ovens include their own timed recipes, so this can be an ideal requirement. Thanks to this, we only have to put the food in the oven and wait for it to cook automatically, since it will change its functions and temperatures depending on the food or the food that we indicate that we want it to cook.
  • Internal thermometer : if our smart oven has this function, it will be able to detect the temperature of the food, as well as the internal temperature of the oven and make the corresponding adjustments to the cooking time. Also, it allows the smart oven to stop cooking completely once a certain temperature is reached.
  • LCD screen : it is not an essential element, but it does work more as an interesting extra. It can be useful to us to comfortably be able to all its intelligent functions such as meal programs, reduce and increase the temperature.
  • Connectivity : as a good smart product, WiFi connectivity is important since it will allow us to link it with the mobile and be able to control it remotely.
  • Cleaning system : in the highest ranges we can find ovens with a cleaning system included. Through this feature, it is responsible for detecting dirt and limescale and removes them with the push of a button.
  • Energy efficiency : It is also important that we look at energy efficiency. An oven that is not efficient can have a very negative impact on electricity consumption and therefore on the electricity bill.
  • Connection with virtual assistants : If the oven has compatibility with Alexa or Google Assistant, we can use them to control it by voice.

Cheapest smart ovens

Next, we are going to see the cheapest smart ovens, in case we are considering their purchase and do not want to spend too much money on them.

Candy Timeless FCP602X Smart Oven

We are talking about a smart oven that has become one of the best sellers on Amazon. It has measures of 59.5. x 59.5 x 56.8 cm and a large capacity, ideal for completing all types of kitchens. It has rotary controls, a stainless steel handle and an attractive Italian design that is sure to fit perfectly in our kitchen. It connects directly to the WiFi of our home and we can control it remotely through its application. So we can preheat it, receive notifications once cooking is finished, access various recipes and other functions.

Horno inteligente Candy Timeless FCP602X

The oven has 10 preset programs to make the task of cooking even easier. Another important fact is its reduced consumption, since this is Class A+ , since it is designed to cook efficiently with low consumption. Its price is usually around 260-300 euros, so it may be the ideal option for the tightest budgets.

Smart Oven Pro Smart Mini Oven

On this occasion we present a very compact mini oven, ideal for all types of kitchens and worktops. Its dimensions are 47 x 40.5 x 28.5 cm . It has intelligent Element IQ technology that is responsible for correctly distributing the heat to always obtain perfect results. It also has convection power to speed up the cooking process by raising hotter air and lowering cooler, denser air for faster heating.

Mini horno inteligente Smart Oven Pro

This oven has 10 pre-set cooking programs such as Toast, Bake, Make Pizza, Cookies, Reheat or Slow Cook at low temperature to be able to develop more complex flavors. In addition, it has an LCD screen to easily access all its intelligent functions. Its price on Amazon is around 300 euros, being ideal for small kitchens since it allows us to save by dispensing with different appliances.

Candy New Timeless FCTS815XL

This is a smart oven with a modern design and it works, with a large capacity of 70 litres. Its measurements are 59.5 x 59.5 x 56.8 cm , so it can fit perfectly in our kitchen. On the front it has a digital screen that is easy to configure and from where you can access all its functions. Through this oven we will be able to cook all kinds of food in a traditional and healthy way, maintaining the original flavor and reducing fat.

Candy New Timeless FCTS815XL

The oven allows its remote control through WiFi and by downloading its official application, from where we will have a large number of extra features. We can cook safely thanks to its double glass door with tangential cooling fan. In addition, with its Aquactiva Cleaning system , we can heat the honor to 90º and in 30 minutes remove the remains of grease and food with just a damp cloth. Its price is around 355 euros .

Haier I-Turn HWO60SM2F3XH

We are talking about a multifunction smart oven with measurements of 59.5 x 59.5 x 56.8 cm, which stands out for its minimalist design that will make it fit in all types of kitchens. Its appearance is very premium since it has stainless steel finishes. We can easily manage it remotely through its application, which also includes more than 300 recipes . An intelligent I-TURN screen cannot be missing either, which together with the rotary control allows us to discover recommended recipes , select the cooking options and programs that best suit the dishes we want to prepare.

Haier I-Turn HWO60SM2F3XH

It is possible to clean the oven in just 30 minutes, since 300 ml of water will be enough to easily remove all embedded residues. In addition, it has technologies typical of a professional kitchen such as its Climatech ventilation system , which is responsible for carrying out an optimal distribution of the interior temperature. Its price is around 380 euros .

The top of the range ovens

If we want to equip our kitchen with the best of the best when it comes to smart ovens, nothing better than opting for these Top of the Range recommendations.

Hoover H-OVEN 300 Smart Oven – HOT3161WI

It is an electric oven with a capacity of 70 liters and measures 58 x 59.5 x 56.8 cm . To cook all kinds of products to perfection, it has 8 preprogrammed recipes (Pizza, Grill, Natural Convection, Cooklight, etc). We can control it via WiFi through its application, allowing us to configure the cooking programs, turn the oven on and off, as well as access multiple recipes and even create our own cooking recipe book. In addition, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Hoover H-OVEN 300 - HOT3161WI

To increase cooking efficiency and reduce energy consumption, the oven has Class A+. This translates into lower electricity consumption. Also noteworthy is its Hydroeasyclean cleaning system, capable of removing residual fat from inside the oven with the help of steam in just 30 minutes. Various accessories are included such as 2 baking trays, 1 rack, telescopic guide and grill pan. Its price is around 429 euros on Amazon.

Bosch Series 8 HBG675BB1

We are talking about a professional smart oven with measurements of 49.5 x 59.4 x 58.4 cm. This makes it suitable for all types of kitchens. It has a TFT screen from which to control it easily thanks to its central control and all the available functionalities with colored texts and symbols. To help us prepare the dishes, it has up to 10 preprogrammed recipes , thanks to which we will only have to select the type of food and the weight. The oven will take care of everything else and we will enjoy the result.

Bosch Serie 8 HBG675BB1

To achieve a homogeneous distribution of heat inside, its 4D heating system will allow us to obtain perfect cooking results regardless of the level where we place the tray. It should also be noted that it has a Sprint Function through which it preheats the oven up to 50% faster, with the consequent energy savings. In addition, it has pyrolytic self-cleaning with 3 intensity levels that we must choose depending on the degree of interior dirt and forget about the rest. Its price is around 750 euros .

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4 HWO60SM5S5BH

We are talking about a high-end oven with elegant finishes in dark stainless steel, black glass and a digital panel from where you can access a wide variety of recipes and cooking programs. Its dimensions are 59.5 x 59×5 x 55 cm , so it should be suitable for all types of kitchens. It can be connected by WiFi with our mobile through its application to be able to obtain total remote control and access more than 300 recipes .

Haier I-Message Steam Series 4 HWO60SM5S5BH

It has technologies typical of the professional world such as the thermal probe and the Climatech ventilation system, in order to ensure optimal temperature distribution, so it does not matter which grid we insert the tray into. Its price is around 850 euros on Amazon.

Candy WATCH-TOUCH smart oven

It is a high-end electric oven with a large capacity that reaches 78 liters . Its measurements are 59.5 x 59.5 x 56.8 CM , so it should be suitable for all types of kitchens. It has a 19-inch touch screen on the door from which you can follow and control the entire food cooking process. It also has WiFi connectivity, which allows us, through the mobile application, to be able to view video recipes, create and save our own personal programs and access more than 70 suggested programs .

Horno inteligente Candy WATCH-TOUCH

Also noteworthy is the presence of an HD camera on the door. With it, we can follow both the cooking process, as well as the remaining time and the internal temperature of the oven from the screen. In addition, it has an internal lamp, two side rows of LED lights in the door and 360º lighting that provides optimal visibility at all times. Its price is around 1000 euros .

Our recommendation

Having a smart kitchen is becoming more and more common and one of the appliances that cannot be missing from it is a smart oven. As we have verified, we have different prices so that we can access the one that best suits both our budget and our space and functional needs.

Of the options that we present to you, we believe that the Haier I-Turn Series 2 HWO60SM2F3XH may be one of the best options, especially for its price. And it is that for less than 400 euros we have an oven with a premium appearance. It has more than 300 recipes and a Climatech ventilation system. This is responsible for carrying out an optimal distribution of the interior temperature.

In the event that the price is not an inconvenience, it is undeniable that the Candy WATCH-TOUCH oven can completely impress us with its spectacular 19-inch touch screen and its more than 70 suggested programs.