Tips to Keep Security of Dedicated Servers ie VPS

vps-securitySecurity problems can arrive very differently and affect all types of devices or systems. Of course dedicated servers or VPS are also prone to suffer such attacks. That is why we always try to improve the proper functioning and safety. In this article we will talk about it. We will give a series of interesting tips to maintain security on our VPS or dedicated server .

How to maintain security on servers

It is important to always maintain security . This is something that we must apply at all levels, but mainly when it comes to devices in permanent contact with other equipment connected to the network. We must prevent the entry of intruders and threats that may compromise our privacy, in addition to the proper functioning of the devices.

Keep the equipment updated

Something fundamental that we must always keep in mind is the need to keep the equipment updated . It is important to apply it to any type of device, but especially in those where our security and privacy may be at stake.

This means that we must always apply the patches and updates that are available to our servers. We already know that sometimes vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks.

Have strong passwords

Another very important point to maintain security on servers is to have strong and complex passwords . This means that we must create keys that have letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. All this randomly.

That password must also be unique and it is advisable to change it periodically. We can even opt for two-step authentication whenever possible. One more security barrier that will allow us to protect our servers.

Create backup copies

Of course the backups cannot be missing. Sometimes problems can arise that put our files and information at risk. If we create backup copies we can avoid the loss of data that hurts our work.

This is an important point and that we must keep in mind. It is something that must always be applied to all types of devices.

Use security tools

Nor can safety tools be missing. Programs that allow us to analyze the system and protect it from possible security threats that put us at risk. There are many types and it is something that we must always consider, regardless of the type of device or system we are using.

In the case of servers, something that we can apply and that is highly recommended is the use of firewalls. In this way we can protect ourselves from possible external attacks that compromise our security.

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Check threats periodically

It is a good idea to be aware of the threats that are present on the network. We can always inform ourselves on specialized pages and platforms about the attacks that can affect our servers and thus prevent.

Sometimes there are certain threats that attack a specific version, as well as applications that we may have installed. If we are aware of the risks involved in having certain programs, we can avoid security problems.

Monitor server

It is also interesting to carry a server monitoring . So we can know if there is excessive consumption of RAM or processor and that could mean that it is being misused, possibly due to malware. There are many monitoring tools.

Update additional software

We have mentioned previously the importance of keeping the equipment updated . However, this must also be applied in any program that we have installed. It will be vital to always have the latest versions and thus be protected from possible threats that compromise our systems.

In short, these are some basic tips that we must keep in mind to maintain security on our dedicated servers or VPS. A series of recommendations that we must implement.