TikTok Accounts to Learn Languages: English, French, Japanese and More

No one can doubt if we speak of TikTok as the social network of the moment. Instagram and others may have a lot of popularity, but new creators with a lot of content to offer keep landing on this one. So much so that, for example, experts in other languages dedicate their publications to teaching their followers to speak French, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and many others. So, seeing this trend, today we have compiled the best TikTok accounts for learning languages .

Learning languages on TikTok is it good?

TikTok Accounts to Learn Languages
As we told you, this social network is a breeding ground for many kinds of content, among which we can find people teaching languages. But of course, as you are surely wondering, is it good to learn other languages in this way?

The first thing we want to convey to you is that, like everything in life, it depends on who teaches. By this we mean that in your city you will be able to find academies or study centers where a teacher teaches private classes of that language. But of course, you may think that he is explaining it in the best way or the most correct and it is not like that. The best thing, of course, is to locate professionals with studies that certify that they are qualified to teach.

Well, on TikTok, and other social networks, exactly the same thing happens. We can “trust” or not that content creator that we see from our phone, but it is best to look for professionals.

For example, some of these TikTokers are qualified teachers who dedicate their social networks to launching pills of very valuable content such as everyday expressions, how to pronounce something or differences between expressions, and then attract new students for their courses or private classes. Something completely legal on the other hand.

Best TikTok accounts for learning languages

So hey, all that said, it’s time to go with the list of some of the best creators on TikTok who are dedicated to teaching other languages to their followers. Get ready because, after these, you will know how to express yourself in Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, English and some other language.



♬ original sound – The Whiteboard

The first content creator on TikTok that we want to tell you about is The Whiteboard . This boy is an English teacher who, through his account, teaches us to correctly say the expressions that we may need the most in our daily lives if we have to speak in English. For example, we can learn to ask about the toilet, the correct way to say “I think so” or “I think no” and many more.



Forgive me # korean # spanish # koreans#chinguamiga

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – Chingu Friend

On the other hand, if you want to learn to speak Korean , one of the best options is the content offered by Chingu Amiga . This girl is a Korean teacher who teaches at a university in Mexico. Then, through his TikTok profile, he launches pills of typical expressions and words. Or even tell funny anecdotes that happen to them due to the differences between Korean and Spanish.



You are like a goat #englishteacher #english # english101 #ingles #inglesonline #speakingenglish #ingles #aprendeingles #profe

♬ Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) – Joel Corry

Continuing with English , which as you can imagine is the most popular of all, we have Danu English . This boy is an English teacher who will help us with everyday vocabulary and pronunciation to express ourselves correctly. Among his videos, in which he sometimes implements some humor so that learning is not boring, we can see how he transforms expressions such as “you’re like a goat” into English correctly.



French written vs spoken 🇫🇷 #language #language #french #frances #poliglota #parati

♬ Runaway – AURORA

On the other hand we have this girl who is polyglot and knows how to speak German, French, Italian, English and Spanish , there is little . Her name is Jenny Lu and as usual in this type of post within the platform, through her videos she shows everyday expressions in different languages. For example, it teaches us to count, colors and many other interesting things in different languages.



This language school blocked me for correcting them. Would you study with them?

♬ original sound – Andrés in English

Continuing with English we have Andrés in English . Yes, that’s his name on TikTok. You do not have to eat your head too much to be clear about what we are going to be able to learn thanks to this creator. It will teach us the perfect way to pronounce so that any Anglo-Saxon can understand us. We will also learn certain details of grammar and vocabulary thanks to their videos.



#learn #english #educacionvirtual #languages #foryoupage #parati

♬ Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake

If varied content is not your thing and you want to go directly to grammar and spelling, you can improve your English and French by following translations_sl . In this profile the experts focus on this, direct videos that will help us increase our vocabulary quickly and concisely.



The French of the natives 🤩🇫🇷 did you know? Cuéntame 😉 #francesconolivier #aprenderfrances #frances #france #language #prof

♬ original sound – Frances with olivier

Another of the most popular languages that people search for is French . If you want to learn it you can follow Frances with olivier . It is a native who through his TikTok account shows many expressions, grammar, vocabulary and many more details of this language. And, as we mentioned before, use this social network to attract students for your more advanced courses and private classes.


@ serefhan.atsiz

İngiliz, Alman ve İspanyol yerlisinden aksanlarıyla örnek cümleler # türkçe #ingilizce #almanca #ispanyolca

♬ original ses – 3d.languages

Another very interesting option when it comes to learning several languages “at the same time” is the account of Serefhan Atsiz. It is about a Turkish TikToker who, in addition to showing certain details of his life, also makes these types of compilations. Through these posts, at the same time, he shows how phrases are written in Turkish, English, German and Spanish. An easy way to learn certain simple everyday expressions.



Never ask for a sack ❌ #ptconjavi #portugues #idiomas #guate#tiktokguate #parati #fyp #mexico

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

However, if you are looking to learn Portuguese , your content creator is Javier the psychologist and yes, a TikToker psychologist. Through his post, in addition to other varied content, he shows us certain everyday expressions in Spanish and Portuguese. A different language that you may be interested in learning.



Reply to @ otaku.art13 Follow me on IG: kiaranaksone 🤍!

♬ original sound – Kiara Nakasone

Another interesting creator to learn Japanese is Kiara Nakasone . Among his videos we can learn about curiosities, recipes, phrases, expressions and many other interesting things about this language. And all based on humor and in a very simple way for any type of audience.



# duo with @soojinicoreana animal sounds 🤣🤣🤣

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – Chingu Friend

Finally, continuing with the somewhat “different” languages we have aleivanovastyle that will help us learn Russian . This influencer, who already has more than 2 million followers, makes content of all kinds using her native language. Therefore, we will find expressions, comparisons, vocabulary and many more interesting things among his posts.