This trick prevents you from getting so much spam and junk mail

Spam or junk mail is a problem we face every day. It can even become a security hazard, as it could contain Phishing or malicious files. But, why is the e-mail tray filled with emails of this type? Undoubtedly the main cause is putting the address in the wrong place. This happens when we register on pages that are not reliable, use email when installing an application, etc. Therefore, in this article we want to give you advice to avoid spam.

Creating temporary emails helps fight spam

This trick prevents you from getting so much spam and junk mail

You want to write in an Internet forum and you see that you have to create an account . You are interested in a page or an online service and they ask you to create a user. Once you register, after a while you begin to receive advertising from those sites or emails that do not directly interest you. Surely what we are discussing sounds familiar to you.

To prevent this from happening, the trick is not to use your main email account. What you can do is simply create a temporary email . In this way you will be able to register on that page or use that service for which you need to put an address, but you will not compromise yours.

Very useful to receive a code, for example. In many cases we only need to enter the address to receive an initial code. But of course, our account is already registered in the database and sooner or later we may have problems with spam and junk mail. Preventing this from happening is in your hand and it is very simple.

There are many options for creating disposable emails or temporary emails. One of them is Temp-Mail . It is very simple to use. You simply have to enter the website and you will see that an email address is automatically generated for you. You can put it where you need and any mail you have to receive will appear at the bottom.

Por qué llega tanto Spam

The email is temporary

Keep in mind that this e-mail that you have created is going to be temporary . Some last 10 minutes, others a day, a week, etc. In many cases you will be able to configure it, but it will always be temporary. By this we mean that you should be careful, since it is not convenient for you to register on a page where you expect to receive mail in the future and lose it.

Therefore, use these addresses well. They are perfect for specific cases in which you need to register for something specific but you do not want to give your main personal address and thus avoid problems. They’re not the most private thing out there, so you shouldn’t use them to send or receive sensitive information either.

Something you should know is that in many cases these temporary emails are also used by cybercriminals and for spam. Therefore, you can block temporary spam emails so that no more junk emails reach you. They are an interesting solution, but they are also used in a negative way.

In short, as you can see, you can avoid spam mail if you create a temporary e-mail . You can use it to register on platforms that may be insecure and thus reduce the risk of having problems in the future.