Better than an antivirus: this is what really protects you

To maintain security , something that we usually do is install an antivirus. It is true that this type of program is very important to detect threats, but you should not rely on it alone. It is very important that you take into account other factors that will also influence the protection of your personal data or files. In this article we are going to explain why keeping everything up to date is even more important than using the best antivirus on your mobile or PC.

Updating everything is essential for security

Better than an antivirus

Many attacks come after security flaws in the devices. For example, a vulnerability that can appear on the computer or on the mobile. This can affect your privacy, since they could access the equipment and steal data. They could even sneak in a virus and cause everything to malfunction.

These vulnerabilities affect the operating system, but also any application you have installed. There may even be security flaws in extensions that you use in the browser. Therefore, it is essential that you have everything updated and can correct these errors so that cybercriminals do not take advantage of them.

One of the main security barriers is having everything updated. There have been many cases where we have seen attacks that have taken advantage of a Windows bug, a router that has some vulnerability and allows an attacker to break in, security cameras with outdated firmware and were exposed on the network, etc. There are many day-to-day cases in which you can have problems if you do not update everything.

Many computer security experts warn that in many cases we have a false sense of security simply by having an antivirus. We think that with that alone we will be protected on the network. The truth is that we can suffer cyber attacks simply because we have uncorrected vulnerabilities. Our advice, therefore, is to review everything you have installed and update it.

Instalar programa por seguridad

Avoid using outdated software

Keep in mind that many programs, as also happens with operating systems, reach the end of their useful life and are no longer updated . This causes them to become obsolete, without receiving security fixes in case a vulnerability appears. For example, an old program that you have installed, a Chrome extension that is not maintained, or simply using an old Windows that no longer receives patches.

Therefore, ideally, you should not use software that may be outdated . Always install up-to-date programs and make sure to check that any extension you have in the browser has the latest version. If for some reason an application that you use no longer receives updates, it is best to install another alternative.

But in addition, you must take other precautions to maintain safety. For example, you should not make mistakes when browsing, such as clicking on a dangerous link, downloading a file that could be a scam, etc. In many cases, hackers are going to need you to make a mistake.

As you can see, to maintain security it is essential to have everything updated. It is even more important than using an antivirus. However, you should always follow the basic rules of protection and make good use of your devices. You can even use browser isolation to improve security.