This smart shirt can control your heart rate

The development of technology has allowed different devices to be created that are very important in the medical field and that can help many people. Many machines have been developed that help detect diseases earlier and consequently start a treatment earlier to save the life of the patient. There are also devices that help to control our pulsations and can warn us in case of detecting an anomaly. On this occasion, a t-shirt has been created that is capable of controlling the heart rate of everyone who wears it.

This invention has been created by a group of researchers from Rice University , in the United States.

This smart shirt can control your heart rate

You will no longer need to carry other devices

It is very common for people who go out for a run to play sports to monitor their heart rate thanks to smart devices such as bracelets or Smartwatch. However, thanks to this new invention it will not be necessary to carry any type of portable device.

To make it, they created a carbon nanotube conductive thread woven into a garment that anyone could wear.

The T-shirt model is a classic one that many people use for sports and this thread was sewn into it, to be able to know at all times the pulsations and a constant echocardiogram of the user.

These carbon nanotubes that the fibers possess are as conductive a material as a conventional metal cable. One of its advantages is that it can be washed without affecting the state of the fibers or the nanotubes.

In fact, carbon nanotube fibers are also very flexible and more comfortable than metal cables, making it a strong and comfortable material while being used on the go.

After doing a series of experiments with the shirt, it was found that it recorded all heart data better than other devices on the market that fit the chest to the wrist. Even slightly better electrocardiographic results were achieved with the T-shirt.

It is comfortable and gives accurate results

However, researchers have stressed that the garment must be snug against the chest in order to take accurate heart rate readings. This in principle should not be a problem since the vast majority of athletes who play sports in which racing must be worn wear tight shirts.

The team will keep trying to improve their smart garment and hope in the future to use more carbon nanotube yarns to increase the area of contact with the skin.

The carbon nanotube threads can be integrated into the fabric using classical sewing methods, without complications and being able to stretch it without breaking it.

This thread can also be connected to electronic devices to send our data wirelessly to our Smartphone.