This is what I envy about Android

Everyone who has an iPhone has reasons to be more than happy, myself among them, because we have a phone on our hands that is excellent and that perfectly meets each and every one of the issues that is proposed, but that does not mean that There are things that we can envy Android . For this reason, after a good compilation, today I am going to tell you about some of the things that I would like to see in a future iPhone and that, whether in hardware or software, we still cannot have in our Apple phone.

And it is that yes, we can have an excellent camera and updates for years that many Android phones will not be able to enjoy, but there are other issues that we do miss and that are admirable.

This is what I envy about Android

What is USB-C waiting for?

One of the issues that Cupertino phones have been asked for the most is the inclusion once and for all of the USB-C connector to charge the mobile and that it be standardized once and for all, as has already happened with computers and iPad from the brand. And to tell the truth, yes, the Lightning cable does not cause any problems, but it is tiring that everyone is standardizing on USB-C and Apple has not taken any steps so far, where it seems that it will put it… out of obligation.

And it is that the European Union is going to force all manufacturers, including Apple -one of the few that still resisted- to include USB-C as a way of charging their devices, so that for the next year we should be seeing this on iPhones. Something that we still do not know for sure if it will be like this or not, but everything indicates that this will finally be a reality.

Customize your iPhone to the fullest

One of the things I like most about Android is the ease with which its users can customize their different phones to incredible extremes. Different launchers, themes or even installing another ROM , different issues that we will not be able to enjoy on our iPhone in any way. Something similar happens with the fact, for example, being able to have different costs on the same phone to be able to use it as different users.

Yes, it is true that with the arrival of iOS 16 this customization has opened its hand a bit, but even so, at least in my opinion it is still quite insufficient for what we can find in the Android that we see on the market. Apple has to keep improving to get to customization standards that can really compete well.

Install any app

Perhaps if there is something that I miss above the rest of everything that my iPhone does not allow me to do, it is the possibility of installing apps from anywhere, not just from the store.

If it had the possibility of installing APK from different sites, this would mean that we could do the same with applications that we would download from web pages or from other apps such as Telegram, giving us overwhelming freedom. With this function, I also have the ability to downgrade the version of the app that we want through these APKs for whatever reason, something I can’t do on my iPhone and this lack of freedom annoys me.

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Of course, I also have to say that the fact of having such a hermetic system also means that, after all, we are having a layer of security around us that will prevent any type of virus from entering our mobile phone. Although in the same way, there is also this security in Android, although of course we will have to know where we are at all times.

Functionality improvements

Beyond all the possibilities that we have explained to you, especially regarding software, there are improvements in some of the features that I would like to see on my iPhone, starting of course with fast charging , something that we can enjoy, but that is insufficient. A more powerful fast charge would probably help us on a day-to-day basis to make our iPhone much more useful and not spend as much time next to the charger.

I also miss not being able to use the fingerprint reader under the screen, something that we would not need on our phone due to the great functionality that Face ID has, but that would sometimes be necessary. When it’s so cold that I cover every corner of my face or when I wear sunglasses and a mask, Face ID has a hard time, so having a fingerprint reader integrated would also make it much easier for me to access the iPhone.

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