The best gaming phones of 2022: ready to compete with consoles

Smartphones intended for gaming are becoming more widespread, in part, thanks to the highly demanding games that are coming onto the market for mobile phones, such as Genshin Impact, Pokemon Unite and its continuous updates, or the well-known Fortnite. All of them can be played on almost any mobile that came out in 2022, but you don’t always play the same and to be the best, you have to have a gaming mobile.

If you want to have the best possible experience when playing these games and many others that you probably already know, we give you different options for phones that this 2022 have been a reference in their field. Mobiles that do not hide when it comes to showing their qualities to play video games.

The best gaming phones of 2022

Black Shark 5 Pro

Perhaps one of the best options if what we are looking for is to take our feeling with gaming one step further. An easily achievable goal thanks to the phone from the Xiaomi gaming range.

If this Black Shark 5 Pro stands out for something, it is its magnetic triggers , perfect for taking the experience one step further and playing like nobody else. This smartphone has a 144 Hz screen that will give us extraordinary fluidity and praiseworthy performance. The only problem we can find with this phone is that it can get too hot in very long gaming sessions.

BlackShark 5 Pro cargador

With an exceptional value for money, this mobile that came out in June 2022, can be obtained for less than €800 , a magnificent price, being a mobile that offers great quality.

Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro

Asus also wants to join the gaming mobile party in 2022 and offers its ROG Phone 6 Pro, which provides performance like we’ve never seen before.

If we are people who play without headphones, this mobile is the ideal one, with spectacular speakers that perfectly complement its OLED screen, which has a refresh rate of 165 Hz . In its design it has a very interesting rear screen for incoming calls and other notifications that may be coming. It is undoubtedly, if not the best, one of the best gaming phones you can find in 2022, although it also has issues that do not convince us, such as its weight -somewhat high- or the fact that it does not have a fan.

Its price, of the four that we are going to show, is perhaps the one that seems to us to be the highest of all , taking into account that there are certain deficiencies that for that price should not be there. Even so, it is still a spectacular phone for less than €1,100 in its most powerful version.

Nubia Red Magic 7S Pro

Another of the brands that in just a few years have established themselves within this gaming mobile market in what prevails over the rest is performance and the way in which games are played.

Specifically, this Red Magic 7S Pro has wonderful performance that, accompanied by its integrated cooling, allows us to spend hours and hours playing. It also has a 960 Hz screen, the highest refresh rate we have seen to date in a mobile phone, something that is very remarkable. Even so, we also find aspects that we don’t like so much in this Red Magic 7S Pro, as is the case that its design is very heavy for us , causing prolonged gaming sessions to weigh down the mobile in our hands.

Its price is perhaps the ideal for everything that this mobile offers. €759 in its most basic version with 12 GB of RAM.

Little F4 GT

One of the most conservative options and also one of the cheapest that we can find in these terminals, still being one of the phones that has the best features of all those found in the Xiaomi Poco range.

This Poco F4 GT has a much more modest design than what we usually see in this type of phone in which we can also see triggers. However, we miss that this phone has the headphone jack, so important when we are going to play as we need a little more autonomy that gives it that extra to play for hours and hours; a weak autonomy that, of course, is supported by a fast charge of 120W .

As for its price, there is little or nothing to complain about, its usual price being around €600, although it is not difficult to find it below €550 , something that is appreciated when we talk about pretentious phones.

Pantalla del smartphone POCO F4 GT