This is how an antivirus works in the cloud

Maintaining security is a very important factor for our devices to work properly. There are many threats that can compromise passwords, make systems go wrong, allow an attacker to steal data… To avoid this we can use different security applications and the most common is an antivirus. Now, there is an option that is to use an antivirus in the cloud . What exactly does it consist of? It’s a good option?

How does cloud antivirus work?

This is how an antivirus works in the cloud

We install a traditional antivirus on the computer, it has an updated database and basically compares the files with that database to detect threats. An antivirus in the cloud is different, since in this case everything is hosted on a server and you will not need to perform tasks directly on our system.

This can be useful if we want to save system resources . After all, we do not have to install software and carry out multiple tasks on the computer. Of course, in the case of a Cloud antivirus it is essential to have the Internet, since otherwise it will not work and it will not protect the equipment.

Therefore, we can say that an antivirus in the cloud will fulfill the same functions as a traditional one, but we will not install it on the system. Instead, we are going to make it available online by storing the content on a cloud-hosted server . However, although most of that antivirus is hosted in the cloud, we will still have to install part of the security tool that will communicate with the server.

The main goal is to reduce the system workload . It will not be constantly using the processor to analyze files and it may even slow down. What you are going to do is use the cloud to analyze everything. That work is going to be done by a server and not by our own system.

It also has other advantages, such as constantly receiving updates in the cloud, they have advanced features thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Use it on a personal computer

What you have to do to start using it is to install a program on your computer . This application will occupy very little in the system and will also consume few resources. That little tool is going to be the one that communicates with the cloud, which is where most of the antivirus really is.

Therefore, on your personal computer you will be able to use an antivirus in the cloud. Of course, it is mainly oriented to companies and organizations. But it is one more alternative to other traditional security programs that you may have on your computer.

Is it better to use a Cloud antivirus or a traditional one? The important thing is to always have a good antivirus installed. Using one or the other option will depend on each user. If you have a computer with few resources and you see that it always slows down due to security software, it can be an interesting alternative. It is important to protect security in the cloud.