How Cryware works and how to avoid this type of attack

When browsing the Internet we can find security threats of all kinds. Some can steal passwords and personal data, others affect the functioning of the network, on other occasions encrypt files and ask for money in return… All this can affect both home users and companies and organizations. In this article we are going to talk about what Cryware is, how it affects us and how to avoid it.

What is cryware?

How Cryware works

Cryware is directly related to cryptocurrencies . Digital currencies are widely used today as an investment method, but also to be able to make purchases online. But the truth is that they are the target of hackers to launch very diverse attacks and steal them.

We can say that a Cryware is an information thief related to cryptocurrencies. They are responsible for collecting user data, such as credentials and passwords, and thus be able to enter the accounts or intercept a payment that we make. Normally these attacks result in the theft of all kinds of cryptocurrencies or making fraudulent transfers.

These types of attacks have grown considerably in recent years, at the same rate as the use of cryptocurrencies . Hackers know that they have a great opportunity as there are many careless users who buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the Internet and often do not take the appropriate measures.

This is an irreversible attack . In other words, once the cryptocurrencies have been stolen, there is no way to reverse the situation. We lose those digital currencies, since they are automatic transactions and there is no way of knowing where it is going or who is going to receive it.

But Cryware is not just about stealing cryptocurrencies, they can also use your system resources to mine digital currencies without you noticing. It is what is also known as cryptocurrency miners. They will use the power of a computer, for example, to secretly mine cryptocurrencies.

Virus en máquina virtual

how can they attack you

You may be wondering how they can attack you with these kinds of threats. They can use different methods for this . Basically they will act like other similar security threats that you can find on the net. The objective is going to be to control your cryptocurrencies or even get to mine them.

A very common technique is to use keyloggers . It is a type of malware that is responsible for collecting the keystrokes that we put on the computer or mobile. This also includes passwords, so they are going to find out what is the key to access an account where we store cryptocurrencies or a program from which we send or receive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereums or whatever.

They can also use the impersonation technique. They will create a web page identical to the legitimate one, but it is actually a scam. This is a Phishing attack, like many others that exist on the network. By entering those sites and putting the data, they will end up on a server controlled by hackers.

Another type of strategy they use is to sneak malicious software as if it were an official program. For example, a supposed application to send and receive cryptocurrencies that pretends to belong to a popular service but has nothing to do with it.

What to do to avoid it

Therefore, as you have seen, Cryware is a threat that will put your cryptocurrencies at risk. It can attack you in different ways, so it is essential to be protected and not make mistakes. We are going to give a series of recommendations to avoid problems and always maintain security.

Common sense

The first and most important thing is not to make mistakes . Common sense is essential to be protected against scams and threats of all kinds. Typically hackers will need us to do something wrong, like clicking on a fake link, downloading something malicious, etc.

If you avoid making common mistakes of this type, you will have much to gain from being protected from Cryware and other similar security threats that can put your cryptocurrencies or systems in general at risk.

Use security software

Another important point is to have a good antivirus installed. Having security applications will help us detect threats that may reach our computers. You can notify us if we have mistakenly downloaded a file that may be Cryware or any other variety of malware.

You will find many programs available that can help you. Some examples are Windows Defender itself, Bitdefender or Avast. Although you will have both free and paid options, it is important that you choose one that is guaranteed to work well, with good reviews on the Internet.

Suficiente Windows Defender como antivirus

Install official software

Of course, something that cannot be missing is to install the programs from official sources . You can go directly to that app’s website and download it from there, or use reliable app stores like Google Play. This way you will avoid installing software that could have been maliciously modified.

Cybercriminals can sneak fake programs into the network. They basically pretend to be legitimate, but they contain malware and that could steal your passwords and make your cryptocurrency unprotected. Always avoid applications that may be insecure.

Use physical wallets

You can also consider the option of having physical wallets. Basically it is a physical device where you are going to store your cryptocurrencies and you are going to have them protected at all times. The only way you will have problems is if you lose that device or for some reason it breaks.

Unlike having cryptocurrencies in online applications, in this case they will not be as exposed to possible vulnerabilities or intruders who could steal your passwords and enter the accounts.

keep everything up to date

To achieve good security, another important factor is to always keep everything up to date. You must apply this both to the cryptocurrency programs you use, as well as to the browser, operating system or any software that, ultimately, can be exploited by an attacker.

In the case of Windows, to update it you have to go to Start, go to Settings and access Windows Update . There you will see possible pending updates that there may be and they will be installed automatically. This is something that you should check periodically to always have the latest versions.

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In short, as you have seen, Cryware is a security problem that affects cryptocurrencies. They can steal from you in different ways, as well as even use your devices to mine cryptocurrencies. However, you can take into account the advice we have given to improve security and protection.