4 Important Questions to Ask Your Cyber Asset Management Provider

Cyber asset management is the practice of using IT asset management techniques to ensure that a company is secured against cybercriminal attacks. This emerging field has become extremely important – especially now that business leaders are fully aware of the dangers of system compromise. Cybercrime is big business, but so is the prevention of said malicious criminal action. Here are some questions you need to ask your prospective cyber asset managers.

Cybersecurity Trends

1. Are You Experienced in Cloud Security?

Companies are migrating to the cloud in huge numbers. Cloud adoption is considered to be a ‘no brainer’ in almost every industry. Increasing use of massive datasets and the adoption of hybrid working models has made the need for the cloud obvious. A good cyber asset management provider in 2022 needs to be versed in cloud asset management. Cloud asset management differs somewhat from hardware and traditional software management in that pretty much everything is hosted remotely. This entails encryption and compliance management that is completely novel in approach. Companies like Panaseer are gaining more and more experience in cloud asset management. Inexperienced companies are scrambling to gain real world cloud asset management experience in order to keep up with the times.

2. What Level Of Automation Do You Offer?

In order for an asset management plan of any sort to be remotely useful to a company, it must be efficient to continue even after a third-party company has finished its work. In order to be efficient, a cyber asset management plan has to include a degree of automation. Automated audits, alarms and protocol checks all need to be made without much time-consuming input. Always ask about the kind of automation that a company can provide when they are setting up a cyber asset management plan. The automation of processes is something highly sought after by companies working in all fields, and the cyber asset management industry is no exception.

3. Can You Develop Disposal Plans?

Asset management is not just about logging and securing the software and hardware that is in use; it is also concerned with the safe disposal of software and hardware. When software is uninstalled and hardware is scrapped, it becomes a possible vector of attack for thieves and other malicious parties. All files and hardware devices contain sensitive information that can be used to spoof authorized parties and gain access to sensitive zones. A good cyber asset management company will be able to develop a plan for the safe disposal of assets at the end of their service life.

4. What Will The Overall impact Of Your Work Be?

The hiring of a cyber asset management company should noticeably benefit your company. There should be a tangible impact on the cybersecurity stability of your company’s IT assets. Unfortunately, you never hear about the cybersecurity breaches that have been prevented from happening in the first place. Instead, you need to use data about previous companies that a cyber asset management group has worked for in order to gauge their effectiveness in preventing attacks.