This accessory provides HDMI output to your Game Boy Advance

provides HDMI output to your Game Boy Advance

The more time passes, the more we want to enjoy those old video games that marked our childhood. That, as you know, is called nostalgia and that is precisely what IntecGaming decided to exploit when they set out to develop this kit capable of turning our old Game Boy Advance into an almost desktop console , with HDMI output, video modes different and even gamepad connector.

a brilliant idea

There are many machines that emulate consoles and run them on hardware other than the original, which are used in most cases in emulation applications and similar things. But here that has nothing to do with it, because what we can buy is a way to transform our old laptop into an updated console, with a USB-C charging connector, HDMI output, communication port with other consoles (Ext.) and, As we were saying, Super Nintendo gamepad connector: the original is not necessary, any clone of those that are still manufactured will work for you, although this kit also comes with a converter cable.

This device, called GBA HDMI Kit, is not sold assembled as you see it in the images that you have below, but rather it will come to you in pieces, but we already tell you that its difficulty will not be excessive. With a screwdriver and following just three steps, we can do magic. That yes, before giving a new life to our old console, we will have to disassemble the original Nintendo machine to extract its motherboard from it as indicated in the instructions.

This is so because IntecGaming does not want trouble with Nintendo, always so jealous of its intellectual properties even though it has been more than a decade since they stopped selling it, which allows it to avoid any Japanese veto. But in defense of the manufacturer of this kit, it must be said that the connection is made in a really simple way, connecting a data strip from the original Game Boy Advance board to the one with the HDMI connectors, etc.

Game Boy Advance HDMI accessory.

Video format and Bluetooth

In addition to the connectors that we have told you about, on the back there is a switch that allows us to display the screen image in 4:3 or 16:9. We already warned you that if you are a purist in this matter, you will stay with the original aspect ratio, which is the first, which does not distort the games or widen them to fill the entire surface of the television.

In addition, this GBA HDMI Kit has another important detail: we can link a Bluetooth gamepad to play, such as the official PS4, Xbox One and Switch models, in the case of the Pro controller. So we save ourselves having to search one compatible with the Super Nintendo connection standard.

If you are interested, you can get it through Kickstarter , with shipments to Spain in July, for a price of around 130 euros, logically not including the Game Boy Advance that you will need to disassemble to give life to the entire system. The pack includes all the necessary cables (power, HDMI, composite video, gamepad cable extender, etc.) as well as tools such as a screwdriver, screws, etc.