These watches tell you who's calling without spending a penny

There are a large number of watch models on the market with which you can receive calls, with the possibility of answering in some cases and in others only consulting this information or rejecting those that do not interest you.

These watches tell you who's calling

Many watches can tell you that you are receiving a phone call, so we are going to tell you about some of the most interesting ones that tell you who is calling you without having to pick up your mobile. Of course, how it works can be different in one or the other depending on the possibilities they offer you.

Then there are watches that are amazing in this regard, although they will cost you much more, such as the Apple Watch that announces calls through Siri and tells you if you want to answer or not. But prepare the wallet if that’s what you want.

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With these watches you will be able to know who is calling you without having to pick up your mobile, being able to know their name if it is in your agenda or the number if you do not have it saved.

Amazfit GTS 2, tells you the calls and comes with Alexa

If you have this watch, you will be able to see what your contact’s name looks like when they make a call or the number if it is not in your phone book. If it doesn’t appear, you’ll need to set it up in the Zepp app under Show Contact Information.

You can pick up the call, hang up or mute it easily from the options if you know who is calling you. This is one of the cheapest watches with which you can answer calls since it has a microphone and speaker. It comes with Alexa built in.

Right now, you can buy it much cheaper with its offer and coupon of 20 euros.

Xiaomi Mi WATCH, see who is calling you and reject calls

This is another of the mobiles that tells you who is calling you without having to check your phone, and you can reject calls that do not interest you directly from it. It is very convenient to know the calls you have.

You can find it at a price close to 100 euros on sale, although its recommended price is 129.99 euros. It is a phone with a good battery life of 16 days in normal use and 22 in battery saver mode.

Amazfit GTR 2, you can see and answer calls

This watch has a large number of functionalities, among which is the fact that it can manage your personal calendar, notify you about incoming calls or messages and much more.

It can track your events and provide you with do not disturb mode, among many other features. With its microphone and speaker you can answer calls on your watch. It has a great 11-day battery life. You can free your hands with voice control.

On sale, you can buy it now for only 109.90 euros when its price is almost 150 euros.

OPPO Watch Free, check incoming calls and more

This is a simple watch that costs less than 100 euros, right now with an offer you will have it for only 69 euros . Although it doesn’t have as many features as other phones, it will tell you incoming calls and you can read messages , plus access a lot of other information.

It is the cheapest option of all those shown so far in a watch that has many functions that will interest you.

Amazfit Bip, the cheapest

It is a very economical option with which you can receive emails, text messages, calls and application notifications on the screen of your watch, with a battery of more than 30 days and a large number of health and sports functions.