These apps will be great for you if you are new to iPhone

Launching an iPhone is always a special moment and there are users who are waiting for the September Keynote very anxiously to see the new generation of these devices. Therefore, in this article, we are going to mention four applications that will be great for your new device and to extract its full potential.

apps will be great for you

Best iPhone Apps in 2023

Each user uses their iPhone in a personal way, either by customizing the lock screen or by using native or third-party applications that allow you to carry out all the tasks and projects scheduled for the day. Next, we are going to select four essential applications from the ITIGIC writing team.



Todoist is one of the best free applications you can have on your iPhone to manage your daily tasks. The application allows you to write down all the tasks that you have to carry out during the day and add a description, a link to know, for sure, what you have to do in relation to it.

In the case of carrying out a weekly or monthly organization, the day you have scheduled the activity will appear in a different color, to avoid mistakes in the event that you have a structured planning over time.


Autosleep app

With permission from Apple‘s native app, the best sleep tracking app you can find on the App Store. This provides us with an analysis of the data in great depth, including a detailed list of sleep, quality, depth of sleep, heart rate, among many other functions. For its correct operation, the app uses a system of rings similar to those of the Apple Watch to monitor sleep. Finally, based on how your rest has gone, it can predict how ready we are to face the day based on how we slept at night.

The only drawback of this application is that it is a paid application and you need an Apple Watch for it, but if you are a user who wants to know very well how your break has gone, it is worth every penny invested in it. , both for its informative and explanatory nature.


miDGT carnet

The General Directorate of Traffic puts at your disposal a free mobile application so that you can carry your driving license and the documentation of your vehicles in digital format on your mobile. The application, created by the General Directorate of Traffic itself, allows access to it through the pedantic data of the Cl@ve system (electronic identity for public administrations) to use it.

Currently, the application allows you to generate and consult your digital permits as well as your main circulation data in order to display it at an opportune moment. the relevant authorities. With it, all your data will be protected by the security and privacy of the iPhone and it will allow you to have all your data to drive and circulate in Spain. However, it is always recommended to always carry the official documentation with you and that the application becomes a complement to it.

Developer: DGT-GI


Del is an AI- powered translator that is capable of translating and presenting with a formal writing or placing all the texts or sentences you type in the app. Its ability to interpret text and fidelity is very high, surpassing the best-known applications such as Google Transistor or Reverso.

The application is capable of playing up to a total of 26 languages and best of all, it is a free application . It is true that it has a paid version, but to save you from trouble at a certain moment, this application more than does its job.