You can move without emissions with these apps for iPhone

Mobility in large cities is changing for the better, thanks to a greater presence of public transport and greater adoption of electric vehicles. That is why if you are in a big city, and you are looking for electric mobility service applications , here we bring you some very useful recommendations (and without emissions).

move without emissions

These applications that we are going to present to you are free to download. And all of them have something in common: electric mobility at quite affordable prices. All of them are “sharing” services, that is, shared vehicles , and the registration process is very intuitive. So if you are looking for an alternative to public transport, and that is reliable, that does not generate emissions and that does not take up space, these are going to come in handy.

Acciona Mobility

acciona movilidad iphone

The renewable energy company Acciona has a 125cc displacement electric motorcycle service, available for use in Madrid, Valencia, Seville, the Barcelona metropolitan area, Rome and Milan. Its service stands out because the motorcycles, in addition to being electric, have enough power and speed to ride two people at the same time and storage space in the trunk and in the front. Although you can pay for minutes, something interesting is that you can buy packages of minutes, with which we can save a lot of money, if we use this type of service frequently.


cabify app iphone

Cabify, although it is a car service (and not all of them are electric), has a section for renting electric motorcycles , within the same application, and using the same Cabify user account. This service is available in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Zaragoza and its fleet of vehicles are 50 cubic centimeter mopeds. Less power than a 125cc motorcycle, but it has the advantage that it can be driven from 16 years old, if we have an AM driving license.


cabify app iphone

Cooltra is an electric mobility service, present in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Milan and Rome. In this case, they are not limited to 50cc mopeds, but also offer us the possibility of renting electric bicycles. But, if we want to rent an electric motorcycle or bicycle for days, and even for months, you can rent them from the same application. Of course, with a significantly higher cost than the payment per minute, since here we are already entering a renting service, but included in the app.

YEGO Mobility

cabify app iphone

If you want to move cleanly in your city, and also do it with style, YEGO is your alternative. This service is available in Barcelona, Bordeaux, Valencia, Paris, Seville, Malaga and Toulouse, and they have 50 cubic centimeter mopeds , whose design is inspired by the iconic Vespas, the Italian motorcycles that marked a before and after in terms of design is concerned.

Requirements to use the apps

In order to enjoy these applications in the city, you will need to have internet access (Wi-Fi or mobile data) to create your account and internet access when we are going to start or end the trip. These motorcycles are turned off, turned on and located through the application by the minute. In addition, to create an account you must fill in all the personal information, and include a photo of your identity document and your valid driver’s license or permit . Likewise, the validity of both documents must be up to date. We will not be able to use these services if we have one of the expired documents.