There is only one cloud that is safe to store your files

When it comes to saving our files in other media in addition to the PC drives, we have multiple alternatives. One of the most popular in recent times are cloud storage services offered by many companies.

Here we refer to that remote space that multiple technology-related companies offer us at this moment on their servers. Among the best-known proposals in this regard, we can find OneDrive from Microsoft , Dropbox or Drive from Google. But with everything and with it, as we told you, there are a multitude of platforms with these characteristics that we can use in one way or another.

only one cloud that is safe to store your files

It is worth noting that at first their behavior is very similar. With this we want to tell you that these technology companies offer us a limited free space to be able to store our content in the cloud at no cost. Later, if we want to have a greater number of gigabytes and access other additional functions, we will have to start paying . The truth is that most end users have more than enough with the free modality. In addition, to all this, we can add that we have the possibility of using several platforms simultaneously.

A priori, these online cloud services offer us a series of privacy and security measures for all the data we store in our account. However, these services reserve the right to control our files in order to prevent content not allowed by their use policies from being uploaded. This is something that makes many people wary when it comes to uploading private files to remote servers of these firms.

Which cloud storage service is more private

However, there is a proposal with these characteristics that is somewhat different from the rest. Specifically, we are referring to the Mega Privacy application that offers us 20 gigabytes of storage in its cloud. To be able to benefit from all this, all we have to do is download the official application from the Microsoft store for Windows. We can also access our Mega account through its official website where we will only have to create a new account or authenticate with the current one.

As its name suggests, if there is something that characterizes this cloud storage service, it is the privacy it offers its users. At first it is important to know that the platform itself encrypts all the content that we upload to our remote personal space. This means that, in order to access all the contents stored here, it will be essential to have our master password .

mega nube

However, as those responsible for Mega Privacy inform us, the company does not store any access data to our account. This means that in the event that we lose that authentication password , we will not have a way to recover it by the platform itself, as is the case with the rest of the proposals. Obviously, sometimes this can present a serious problem, since we could lose our Mega account. But at the same time if we are careful and value our privacy, this is the best option to store in the most interesting cloud.