These Chrome extensions will be essential for your study

Thanks to extensions, our browser can be used for much more than just browsing the Internet. These small programs are very useful when it comes to saving us from using other programs on the PC and being able to have everything we need from the main browser window. There are extensions for all types of users, and to satisfy any type of need.

Today, we are going to recommend several free extensions that are essential for any user who uses Google Chrome for any subject related to studies.

Chrome extensions will be essential for your study

Microsoft Publisher

The first extension we are going to talk about is Microsoft Editor. This extension, developed by Microsoft, allows us to add the best spelling and grammar checker to Chrome so that when we write on the web, we don’t make any mistakes. It is true that Google has its own spell checker, but anyone who has used it will know perfectly well that, at least in Spanish, it leaves a lot to be desired. The one from Microsoft, which is the same as the one from Word, is simply perfect. And much better if we have a subscription to Microsoft 365, since we can use more dictionaries.

If you don’t like the Microsoft extension, there is also another very powerful alternative to check spelling and grammar: Grammarly.


Momentum is an extension that allows us to change the home screen of our browser to another, much more vitaminized, and full of information that may be of interest to us. In it we can see a very nice background image, accompanied by the time, the date, a calendar and a list of tasks and objectives that we must complete.

It supports Pomodoro, integration with ToDo, concentration mode, countdowns… an extension so that on the main page of Google Chrome we can have everything we need, and nothing more.


One of the problems when we work or study from the browser is the ease with which we can get distracted. In a moment we can go from being 100% focused to reading Twitter or watching Facebook. To avoid this, this extension helps us not to fall into these distractions and try to stay focused on the main task we are carrying out for as long as possible.

This extension limits the time that we can waste on all kinds of websites that are not related to study or work. We can filter the websites by domain or theme. We can only visit these types of websites for a certain amount of time per day. And, once the time is up, the page will be blocked until the next day.

Auto Highlight

Do you have a very large text ahead? This extension helps you. Simply by clicking on its icon we will be able to underline the most important thing in order to make a summary. Using these summaries we will be able to focus our efforts on learning the most important part of the text, reading it and summarizing it much faster. The results, in addition, are quite precise and consistent with what is important.


Finally, we are going to see another extension that helps us, in this case, to write faster. And for that, what better way than to use our voice. With VoiceIn we will be able to write what we want without having to use the keyboard on any web page. It supports a total of 40 languages (including Spanish) and has a fairly good precision, superior to the voice typing functions of Windows and Google.


Of course, we must bear in mind that this extension has many paid functions. And these are VERY expensive, too much for most students, who don’t exactly have money to spare.