Google Pixel 7a: the new mid-range wants to surprise

The next mid-range from Google wants to become a reference phone, with the intention of improving the previous model, the Google Pixel 6a, with even more striking features. The code name of the Google Pixel 7 is lynx and it is already generating anticipation for all that it promises.

The Pixel 6a was a success due to its great discount price, since it is possible to try the latest version of Android without breaking the bank. However, the Pixel 7a is coming to address some of the user complaints and pleas with the older model.

Google Pixel 7a

Google Pixel 7a has been filtered with new important updates over its predecessor, such as the screen with 90 Hz refresh rate, new features at the camera level and wireless charging.

The great news of Google Pixel 7a revealed

Insider Kuba Wojciechowski cites undisclosed sources showing a new Pixel 7a with a high refresh rate, a new dual-camera setup on the rear, and support for wireless charging to improve on its predecessor.

Regarding its screen , this is expected to be a Samsung panel with an FHD resolution of 1080p and 90 Hz refresh rate. Although the Pixel 6a’s display was 90Hz, it was limited to the 60Hz refresh rate, which is one of the main complaints about this older Samsung model.

pixel 6a

As far as your camera is concerned, this would be Sony IMX787 as the primary sensor and Sony IMX712 as the secondary sensor. These would be respectively a wide angle and an ultra wide angle, respectively. Previous rumors pointed to a Samsung ISOCELL GN1 sensor, although this no longer seems to be the case. In any case, the cameras have important modifications that improve image quality.

Although a telephoto lens will still be missing, a detail that we cannot miss in the rumors about this new Google device, there will be a major update on the 12MP sensor in the Pixel 6a. We do not know many more details about it, but it seems that fans of the brand will like it.

Another of its novelties that many are looking forward to is its wireless charging , although most likely its speed is only 5W . It is expected to arrive with Google Tensor and Qualcomm Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, with some new hardware and perhaps some other surprises.

If you keep your price low, it will be quite a revolution

Another note from the informant is speculation regarding its price, specifically he assures that if it is able to maintain a price similar to the previous one, this would be a great offer within the segment of mid-range phones and a clear competition for them when it comes to consider changing mobile. Surely Google will be able to take advantage of its software to stand out in a market where it is not easy to differentiate yourself due to the large number of models that exist.

It is to be expected that Google Pixel 7a seeks to cause a sensation with all this, in addition to the possibility that these models are updated to new versions before those of other brands, now that we are in an economic environment in which prices could skyrocket even more. and in which it would be difficult to maintain these prices. What do you think will happen and what do you expect from the new Google Pixel 7a?