The way you should have your router plugged in

Getting full control over the router is easier than you think. Although, for this, you should know what is the best way in which you should have this device plugged in at home. In addition, we find different advantages that may open your eyes so that you run as soon as possible to change the same thing that we are going to explain to you.

First of all, we mean using a smart plug on the WiFi router. In this way, we will have extra help so that we can be able to perform different tasks at certain times. And it is that, each time it is easier to get to make your house smart.

The way you should have your router plugged in

Why connect the router to a smart plug

One of the best ways to keep the router under control at all times, since we can control it remotely, will be using a smart plug. As simple as that. These types of devices allow us to create routines for the rest of the devices that we are going to have plugged into the current. Although, we will also need the help of a particular app.

Once we are clear about this, we only have to know what we can do and why we should have the router connected to this particular device:

  • Reboot the router remotely

If the router catches you far from where you are at that moment, one of the best functions that we find when using a smart plug is that we can restart it at any time remotely without having to go ourselves to press the button that comes on the device.

Therefore, if it has started to go wrong, the problem may be solved with the simple restart that we do. Also, if, for example, you have contacted your operator and they ask you to restart the router, you can also do it remotely at any time. You only have to use the mobile app of the smart plug that you have bought and that’s it.

However, you must bear in mind that the socket must have internal cache memory with which it can save the settings that are going to be applied. Therefore, it will be necessary to opt for models that allow the router to be restarted, since not all of them have that possibility.

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  • Track energy consumption

One of the advantages of these types of smart plugs is not only found in being able to remotely turn off the router, but also allows us to know at all times what the energy consumption is . And in real time. Therefore, in this way, we will be able to know how much light it uses if we want to know that particular data.

  • Schedule on and off

Another of the functions that we can take advantage of by plugging the home router into the current in this way will be to program the restart of the device. A very useful way if, for example, we know that it is going to restart, it works worse at a certain time…

It is best to configure this option at night when you are not going to use the router. However, if you know that your router is old and saturated at a certain time of the day. You can take the opportunity to configure it to restart at that time so that it works better and the Internet connection is not so slow .