The best unlimited mobile rates and streaming service: save with your operator

When contracting streaming television services such as HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video or Netflix , one of the options is to do so through your telephone operator. In some cases you won’t earn more than the option to pay everything in a unified way on your bill, but there are some interesting rates so you don’t give up having unlimited data or watching your favorite content on your favorite OTT.

With the arrival of the new Vodafone rates , we are going to review how the market is to have unlimited data (or a huge number of gigabytes) with your favorite streaming service.

The best unlimited mobile rates and streaming service

New Vodafone Unlimited Max rates

Let’s start with the most recent. From March 1, 2023 Vodafone will have three new variants of the Vodafone Unlimited Max. These three rates will be priced at 39 euros per month, which is a cheaper price than contracting the unlimited rate and the subscription separately. These rates include unlimited data at maximum 5G speed (1 Gbps download and upload), unlimited national calls, roaming included in the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States (up to 28 GB) and the chosen subscription.

Tarifas Vodafone + OTT

The three rates, named Vodafone Unlimited Max with HBO Max, Vodafone Unlimited Max with Disney+ or Vodafone Unlimited with Amazon Prime, are available to both current customers of the company and new customers who decide to jump to the red operator. They do not have permanence and after the rate or portability change, an SMS will be received to activate the chosen subscription on the website . These will be keys to directly use the applications of the chosen service in the corresponding app of each of the platforms to enjoy the content.

If we take a look at Vodafone’s current rate portfolio, we can see that the current price of the Vodafone Unlimited Max rate is 35.60 euros per month. In this way, the subscription to any of the chosen services would only cost us the difference: 3.40 euros per month .

Orange Cinema and Series Rates

The Go Max Cinema and Series rate includes a mobile line with unlimited data at maximum 5G+ speed , unlimited calls, television with more than 90 channels and Netflix subscription included (interchangeable with Disney+ and Prime Video) and roaming in the European Union, United States , UK and Switzerland (up to 50 GB or 2 GB per day).

Tarifa Go Max Cine y Series Orange

The price of the rate is 50 euros per month. It does not have permanence unless you choose in the purchase process some of the gifts that there are, such as a mobile, which is paid precisely with months of permanence. Therefore, you have these two options: Orange Go Max Cinema and Series with Netflix: 50 euros per month and Orange Go Max Cinema and Series with Disney+ and Amazon Prime for the same amount.

Taking into account that the Go Max TV Supra rate, practically the same rate but without the extra streaming service, is priced at 40 euros per month, the supplement for including Netflix or Disney+ & Prime Video is 10 euros per month .

Pepephone: cheaper alternative, but not infinite

At Pepephone they bet on Netflix a few months ago to enrich the value of several of their rates, so you can watch Netflix with some fiber and also with mobile-only rates, which is what concerns us today.

An alternative if you want to spend as little as possible is to contract the Mobile and Netflix rate, which is not unlimited data, but a huge amount such as 99 GB of data at maximum speed that can be accumulated from month to month, a subscription to the Basic Plan of Netflix and unlimited calls for only 25.90 euros per month . If you want the Netflix Standard or Premium plan you will have to pay a supplement of 5 or 10 euros respectively.

We cannot compare with the price of the rate without Netflix, since technically the OTT is a “gift” . To give you an idea, the previous rate without Netflix is the Inimitable with a cumulative 59 GB, unlimited calls and free SMS for a monthly price of 19.90 euros per month. For those extra 6 euros you will have Netflix and 40 GB more.