The US Develops a Patch That Detects Cardiovascular Problems

The US Develops a Patch That Detects Cardiovascular Problems

Medicine is one of the fields that has found benefit thanks to technology since the number of devices to detect diseases, treat them and even cure them has increased considerably. The latest invention that will help save lives is a simple patch that will be placed on the skin and that can warn us before it happens that we are at risk of suffering from heart disease.

This patch works by means of ultrasounds that help to make the blood flow in many of the most important organs of our body. This novel invention has been created by the United States at the University of California.

Small, practical and very useful

It is like any conventional patch made of polymer with high elasticity that easily adheres to the skin. What differentiates it from other patches is that it has a series of very small ducts in its structure that are responsible for emitting ultrasound.

Knowing how the blood circulates through our body is very important since depending on the amount that there is, infections, clots or plugs can occur, which can cause heart attacks.

In fact, it could detect the risk of these diseases before any symptoms could appear. The ultrasounds will be in charge of making the blood that does not flow so fast be propelled in a faster way.

Therefore, thanks to this patch, it will help to identify possible diseases that could affect the heart in time. In addition, it can pinpoint any of these problems at a depth of nearly 6 inches within the human body.

This small patch is superior to other machines that have much more technology that are unable to detect abnormalities under the skin.

Warns of diseases even without symptoms

Only last week ended its manufacture and have been tested and have proved successful. It can be placed in any area, although it is preferable to do it in places where a lot of blood circulates, such as the chest or neck.

In addition, it also allows the detection of these possible cardiovascular problems not only in the areas close to where the patch is applied, but also anywhere on the body , monopolizing a much larger area.

This type of device is very important to implement in the future since heart disease is usually only detected when something happens to a person, since in the reviews that are made on a regular basis, these types of risks are not usually reviewed.

It is a system that can be carried anywhere thanks to its size and that anyone can use. It also allows us to monitor our cardiovascular health without the need to be connected to any type of machine.