The ultimate trick to save electricity this winter

We have many options to try to pay less on the electricity bill. Some may be more effective than others, but the goal is always to reduce consumption. In this article we are going to talk to you about the ultimate trick to really save on your electricity bill this winter. The key is in the phantom consumption and how the sum of everything can be a significant part of the total.

Lowering the circuit breakers helps save a lot

The ultimate trick to save electricity this winter

First of all you have to know what phantom consumption is . We can say that it is all the electricity expense that we do not know what happens, but there it is. For example a television on Stand By and keep the LED with the red light on. Also mobile chargers plugged into the mains even if we are not using them, video players, the microwave clock, a power strip…

All this will cause the electricity bill to increase. In fact, it is estimated that phantom consumption is between 7 and 11% of total spending each month. Therefore, if we avoid this phantom expense, we can save a lot on the electricity bill this winter, right? That is where the trick that we are going to show you comes into play.

It’s about avoiding all that phantom spending, especially when we’re not home. Think about the hours or even days that you can spend outside your home. For example, if at Christmas you are going to spend a few days at a relative’s house. Your house continues to spend that 7-11% of the bill even if you are not there. How do we avoid this? We can avoid it by lowering the circuit breakers .

Yes, they are the connectors that you have on the light box. The switches that you can raise if the current has gone out due to exceeding the contracted power or due to some problem. As you know, there are several. Each of them is connected to a zone of the house. The idea is that you download all but one when you leave the house.

Consumo fantasma luz

leave the fridge on

Of course, we don’t want to turn everything off and when we return from our vacation we find that the food in the fridge and freezer has gone bad. That appliance must always remain on, unless for some reason you have it empty. Although it is what consumes the most of everything, there is no choice but to leave it that way. Of course, you can raise the temperature by 1 or 2 degrees and get it to spend less.

But the rest of the house, unless you have something specific that you need to stay on, you can do without it. For example, you do not need the television to be on Stand By or the microwave clock to remain on. Nor do you need all the chargers or power strips that you have at home, even if it is little, to be consuming.

Therefore, if you lower all the circuit breakers in your house except the one that corresponds to the kitchen where the refrigerator is, you can save money on the electricity bill this winter. In fact, you are going to achieve that the phantom consumption is 0, since there is no better way than that to avoid current flow.

This is really useful if you have a second home, for example. Maybe you only spend there on weekends or at certain times of the year. You are not interested in there being a consumption of light always even if you are not there. You can lower all the circuit breakers and raise them again when you get to that second home, except perhaps one in case you have a refrigerator.