How To Record Audio Easily-Online And Offline Solution

record audio

The entertainment field is growing rapidly and users around the world are choosing high-quality videos and audio over low-quality ones. Simultaneously, emerging trends are making it necessary for creators to use top tools to keep their work presentable and better than other creators.

Here, we are going to talk about some of the most useful tips that you can follow to record high-quality audio without any difficulty, taking the help of some well-known online and offline applications. Before moving ahead, let’s get to know why you would need to record high-quality audio.

Why Need to Record Voice

This article is going to be quite helpful for you to record voice.  We know very well that a normal audio recorder app can match creators’ expectations. Wondershare is a wonderful app equipped with top features that enables its users to record voice with ease.

You can capture your or your loved ones’ voice to set it as your alarm alert or smartphone ringtone.

This app is best for those creators who are into recording podcasts or love to upload audiobooks in their voice. They can easily record their voice without worrying about the quality and upload it online after making desired edits. Another major aspect when you may need to record voice is while recording audio as the background music for your lip-syncing video or photo slideshow.

Introduction Wondershare UniConverter

I hope by now you are aware of the need of recording voice. Let me introduce you to the above-mentioned voice recorder, Wondershare UniConverter. This tool will help you in creating the best-quality videos and audio. It is an all-in-one video toolbox fully capable of video conversion, compression, download, recording editing, burning, and many more.

The most used feature of this tool is recording your voice for different purposes like podcasts and live videos before uploading it online for the general public. Wondershare UniConverter allows its users to record audio on their smartphones as well as on their desktops. As a user of Wondershare UniConverter, you can use your recorded voice anywhere without any difficulty.


How to Record Audio With  UniConverter

Recording audio with the help of UniConverter is not a big task if you follow the steps very well. Make sure that you have installed the UniConverter app on your device before starting with the steps.

Step 1: Start UniConverter And Select Audio Recorder

As the first step, run the Wondershare UniConverter app on your device. Click on the audio recorder to start recording the audio.


Step 2: Choose Custom Settings For Audio Recorder

Check whether you have connected an output device such as a speaker or headphone, if not do this first and choose it under the speaker list. Once you are done with this, click on the microphone menu where you can choose for connected mic or the device’s internal mic, choose one and proceed. The last thing that you need to do in this step is select an audio format in which you are willing to export your audio. For instance, you can choose from options like MP3, WAV, or M4A to initiate recording.


Step 3: End Audio Recorder

As soon as you are done with the recording, make yourself ready to stop the recording at a perfect time. Just click on the red stop button, then click on the open option to preview your recorded audio.

You can make desired changes in your recorded audio and add the audio in different videos with ease in no time with the help of this free video converter.


In case you wish to work online and haven’t installed UniConverter on your device, then no worries, you can check out or simply say an online version of Wondershare UniConverter. UniConverter was formerly and has almost all those features that you would like to see in an audio and video editing tool., an Online voice recorder can help you in converting, compressing, and editing audio and video files online. The best part is that you can use features for free as well. This tool allows users to record high-quality sound just on a browser.

How to Record Audio With

The process of recording high-quality audio with includes a few simple steps. Have a look at the below-mentioned steps to get to know about the process in detail.

Step 1: Launch Audio Recorder Tool

Launch the audio recorder tool on your desktop to start with the recording. Put the recorder on the audio-only mode and then choose the microphone you are going to use.


Step 2: Record Voice or Music

Once you are done choosing the mic, just tap on record and start recording on your device. You can observe an engaging waveform while recording audio, this will indicate whether your recording is getting noisy or silent.

Step 3: Playback, Download, and Edit Voice

Click on the stop button when your recording is over. Now, you can play it for preview and check the audio quality before starting the download. After confirming that the audio is good to use, then after clicking on the download button, the audio will be saved in MP3 format in the local folder of your desktop or on your smartphone. You can also keep the audio to edit and tune later after some time.


Apart from recording high-quality MP3 audio, you can also make edits to other audio files in no time.


You are not supposed to spend a lot while recording high-quality audio. Choose advanced tools to work with your audio files online and offline efficiently. Save your precious time and effort with effective audio processors like Wondershare UniConverter and