How home automation helps you be more productive if you work from home

Since the Covid-19 pandemic reached the world, many companies and institutions have established teleworking as an option to continue developing an economic activity. But already in 2022, when we have almost returned to normality, in many cases teleworking has remained a means that helps us in many aspects. This can be productivity, health or family life balance. But this has caused many people to suddenly not have a proper working environment, which can be detrimental. Through home automation, we can improve our workspace.

Improve our workspace

How home automation helps you be more productive

Having a space suitable for the needs of a job is very important, but it is also important that it adapts to human needs in various factors. We talk about things like lighting, noise, furniture or the content of the room itself. Once we have a suitable place, through home automation we can generate different environments to make the time we spend working more enjoyable, we feel more comfortable and, in general, have a much better workspace.

Virtual assistant or control center

This is the point where we will support all the home automation control of our workplaces. In recent times, virtual assistants such as the Amazon Echo, Google Nest or Apple‘s Homepod are very fashionable. With simple voice commands we can control all the devices and adjust them to our liking, as long as we don’t decide to leave these tasks to some automatic process.

It is in these processes that the applications that function as control centers come in, such as HomeKit. In these we can manage everything from our computer, mobile phone or tablet. This allows us to have a centralized control in a simple way.

Improve the lighting in your workspace

This is a very important step to improve our workspace. Although offices must meet certain light criteria with respect to artificial or natural light, it is good to apply the same in our homes. For this we have many different options. Wi-Fi controlled bulbs that can generate different environments with settings such as intensity or color. This helps us to establish cold or warm environments, as well as a correct distribution of them that favors that shadows or reflections do not appear.

Habitación iluminada

The ideal would be to have a sensor that applies the necessary changes in the bulbs depending on natural lighting. Which always prevails over the artificial. In this way we will have a precise adjustment, depending on the time of day in which we find ourselves.

Enhance sound and reduce noise

When a noise is out of tune, or something related to this aspect does not sound as it should, it can cause discomfort and consequently a drop in productivity. That is why it is a good idea to have devices that have quality sound, and above all that it is suitable for the conditions of the place where we have our office installed. That they adapt well to our head and ears is very important, but we can also look for them to be integrated with virtual assistants.

Today, we can find applications such as SONY, where a photo and video analysis of each user is performed. This generates a more correct configuration for headphones and means that when making video calls, or if we work while listening to music, nothing is out of place. Although as speakers we can also establish virtual assistants, in some cases we can adapt the position they have in the room so that the sound is uniform.

Increases air quality

Charged environments can be a problem both for health and for the development of a job. Maintaining air quality helps us improve our workspace. To mitigate this, we can use air conditioning machines, air circulators or humidifiers, which help ensure adequate air quality. Many models can be connected to virtual assistants or have the option of being controlled via an app.

Humdificador para mejorar calidad del aire

Normally these must be acquired thinking about the space they must cover. It is not the same to ventilate a room of 10 square meters, as one of 20. Finding the one that best suits our needs is a task as important as it is useful once we use them.

Having work spaces where we can carry out our activity with all quality guarantees. That they are healthy spaces and at the same time with work environments that are comfortable for us, is something that can make a difference. With home automation both at work and at home, improving our workspace will be easier