The trick to have a calculator in your browser without installing anything

A calculator, no matter how many years pass, will continue to be something that we need sooner or later. Mobile phones have replaced to a certain extent the need to have them, but we can also take accounts quickly on our computer and without having to install specific programs for it.

A great way to access these calculators without installing anything and thus not wasting precious available space on the PC’s hard drive is via a browser.

trick to have a calculator in your browser

The best browser calculator

Google has a Progressive Web App or PWA with Scientific Calculator. In this way, you will not need a third-party website that can be annoying due to advertising (the reliability in any calculator should be the same, so that will not be the differential factor).

Calculadora Google

To access it, you simply have to enter the link and this web tool will open full screen. It has a responsive design, so it will adjust to the size of the window with which you have your browser open, which, even if you see Chrome in the URL, works for anyone.

In addition, it is also one of the most complete calculators, the scientific type, so basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are available, as well as some more complex functions such as square roots, logarithms and exponents . Even though the app is online, it’s fully functional when you’re offline thanks to Progressive Web Apps technology.

Also available in the search engine

The other alternative in case you end up forgetting the URL or you have not saved it in bookmarks is to use the browser itself and use Google as a search engine. As with many other commands, you can enter a specific operation in the search bar and Google will return the result .


You can also simply search for “scientific calculator” and the first thing that will appear in the results will be a module that will directly allow you to carry out your operations at the moment. This is quite interesting because with the same procedure it can be used to quickly calculate currency exchanges or any other similar operation.

In addition to the convenience of being able to directly enter the operation so that it returns a specific result, you can also consult a history in which previous operations have been saved that may be useful to you.

Best free online scientific calculators

If you are not convinced by the two alternatives that we have proposed signed by Google, another option to be able to carry out all kinds of operations without installing anything, which was the agreed criteria, is to use one of the many third-party calculator web applications available. As some websites can take you to quite shady sites, we have selected some reliable ones so that you have no more concern than some somewhat uncomfortable advertising banner.