5 series based on video games that you should not miss

There are many movies that have been taken to video games with essential titles. Sagas like Star Wars or Harry Potter are the protagonists of adventures for the different consoles. But it also happens the other way around: from the video game to the movies. Or to the television. With the recently released The Last of Us as an example, we have compiled some of the best series based on video games that you can see on the different streaming platforms.

Most of the series based on video games that we can see are, at the moment, animated series and cartoons available on Netflix, HBO Max or other platforms.

5 series based on video games that you should not miss

The Last of Us

The recently released The Last of Us is one of the most anticipated series of 2023 and, for many, and even with only one episode aired, one of the best series of the year. A faithful recreation of the successful video game that stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey giving life to Joel and Elie, who will have to do everything possible to survive in a United States whose civilization was destroyed twenty years ago. For critics, a “masterpiece” that respects the original and with an excellent performance.

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Sonic boom

One of the best-known video game characters is undoubtedly Sonic. The most famous hedgehog is also the protagonist of a cartoon series, as well as several movies, which you can watch on Netflix with more than fifty episodes available. Sonic and his friends have all kinds of adventures stopping Dr. Eggman from turning the island into a theme park. If you are looking for an entertaining comedy to watch with children and with very short episodes (around ten minutes), Sonic Boom is a good option full of adrenaline, speed, blows and action.

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Based on the League of Legends video game and directed by Riot Games, Arcane is one of the best series based on video games that we can watch on Netflix if we are looking for quality animation for adults. Nine episodes in which they will take us to the cities of Piltover and Zaun, to the war and tension between the two and the rivalry that divides families. An entertaining and well-adapted series that you can enjoy even if you have never played the video game and want to enjoy a well-cared and entertaining story.

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Carmen Sandiego

One of the most popular video games of the eighties and nineties was undoubtedly Carmen Sandiego. A game that the children of the time could enjoy and that since 2018 has had its own animated series on Netflix. Carmen Sandiego has four seasons on the streaming platform if we are looking for a series to enjoy with the family and we will follow the adventures of the thief in order to thwart the plans of the evil organization VILE

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Not suitable for the most sensitive, on Netflix we can see “Castlevania”. Based on the Konami game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse released in the 1990s, an anime-style animated series where there is blood, revenge, monsters and action. Trevor Belmont is the last member of his clan of vampire hunters and must face Vlad Dracula Tepes, thirsty for revenge for the death of his wife. An animated series of four seasons if you are looking for terror and gore not suitable for the little ones.

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