The trick that experts use to eliminate 1000 spam emails in 5 minutes

Especially if you don’t use a temporary email service and use your usual email address, your mailbox may end up becoming a veritable dump of junk mail that you end up waiting to delete day after day.

This may be your situation, you have accumulated hundreds or thousands of advertising emails, newsletters and other emails that arrive on a recurring basis and that you do not know how to get rid of.

The trick that experts use to eliminate 1000 spam emails in 5 minutes

Cleanfox, email removal key

If you didn’t know about it, you’ll be happy to download Cleanfox and give your email inbox a second life , because this app allows you to delete all the messages you no longer want from your inbox is easier than ever.

This free anti-spam tool (although on their website they do not hide that they “commercialize data for statistical purposes” so that it remains available at no cost) literally allows you to get rid of thousands of emails in a matter of minutes thanks to automation.

The application allows you to connect some of the main email clients (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Orange, iCloud, etc.) and, after synchronization, allows you to view your emails based on your opening rate and the number of messages received.

For each sender, you will have the opportunity to automatically delete all emails from a newsletter (received and future), delete already received emails from a newsletter or keep the newsletter. All changes are reversible and deleted emails go to the trash, so you still have room to recover any deleted by mistake.

Collaborate with the environment

You may never have thought about it, but having your email inbox filled to the brim can not only get you closer to your service limit, it will make it harder for you to search for a specific email and make everything a little messier than you think. it should, but it harms the environment and with Cleanfox you can do your bit to stop it from being like that.


Cleanfox is beneficial to the environment because an email message causes the emission of 10 g of CO2 per year and 200 million messages are sent per minute. Yes, 2,000 tons of CO2 are emitted per minute due to email messages. By helping to avoid receiving unnecessary emails with this cleaning tool, you will help reduce this number.

In addition, Cleanfox has decided to reward its most loyal users by allowing them to participate in reforestation with its particular referral program. If you download the app and share it, for every person you bring to Cleanfox, you can plant a tree in Zambia.