No matter what Microsoft says: when do you think Starfield will finally arrive?

Microsoft‘s history with exclusive games for Xbox Series X is calamitous. Look, we are fond of him and we want the Americans to cut some of the advantage in terms of sales of Sony and its PS5, but there is no way. When it seems that we are going to receive great news from Phil Spencer’s people, dark clouds always appear on the horizon that cloud everything . And that’s the case with Starfield .

when do you think Starfield will finally arrive

So expected that we no longer know what to think

Starfield is the great exclusive that Microsoft has brandished to all its fans after the purchase of Bethesda a couple of years ago now. It was the title intended to assert the power of the Americans in their struggle against a Sony that has its own great reason for selling more consoles around the world in its own sagas. So it was normal for us xboxers to feel emboldened by this title from the creators of the mythical Skyrim.

In addition, Bethesda played with that memory of the brutal RPG released in 2011, repeating the same strategy of putting an 11 out of 11 in Starfield stores but in this case from 2022. Everything looked great and put our Xbox Series X on alert to spend a few Christmas in a big way, visiting dozens of planets in the galaxy. But our joy was suddenly silenced by a delay due to the rough , without prior notice and with a really bad look that took us back to the first half of 2023. Spring?

Then came the absence of news for almost three months, the layoffs that affected some key studios under Microsoft control and then all the alarm bells sounded: Starfield would be further delayed because Phil Spencer’s men had planned to do an exclusive showcase at one point. determined. It was at the beginning of March when the unexpected happened and we already have a new date to put in our mouths: September 6, 2023.


Do you think it will arrive in September?

No one doubts that Starfield can arrive in September, but knowing how complicated it is to launch a title like this and the media consequences that are demanded of it, it still does not convince us that we are really going to have the title in those days . Unless it does it without serious bugs, without breaks or elements that must be patched at the first change. Because as promised from Bethesda we are talking about a huge title, with a huge number of places and characters with which we are going to be able to interact.

So a question assails us: why hasn’t Microsoft been more cautious and has chosen to set the launch date back to that iconic 11 of 11 but of 2023? Is there a rush to bring it to the market anyway and at whatever price? Believe us, we would love to have Starfield and finally make sense of a console that has deserved to enjoy more and better releases since 2020, but just when the good, the definitive one is about to arrive, the rush appears.

Do you think it will arrive on September 6? Do you think it will do it flawlessly? I hope so but… when do you really think that Starfielcd will really be released?