The strengths of EMUI 12 that others should copy

EMUI 12 is the customization layer of Huawei mobiles that has come with many interesting functions and possibilities, including some that characterize it and that it would not hurt for others to copy.

Within the novelties of EMUI 12 and its features, we are going to comment on the main strengths, from the control panel to its improvements in sharing functions, passing through others that you are sure to be interested in knowing.

The strengths of EMUI 12 that others should copy

Control Panel

The EMIU 12 control panel appears by swiping down from the top right edge of the screen and offers you the phone’s settings. But in addition to that, it includes WiFi and Bluetooth settings, audio media controls, direct access controls where to put the most used functions, compatible device controls that are added to Al Life and the Device+ function to control other smart devices.

With an attractive design and a large number of possibilities, it is a very intuitive and complete control center that other brands should copy. Just look at everything it offers you.

your sidebar

The sidebar is one of the main attractions of the brand customization layer, where you can add some apps to access them more quickly. You just have to slide your finger from one of the sides of the screen to the center to activate it and customize it according to your preferences. Although there is this function in other brands, it is not the same.

Ease of sharing content

This is a service through which you can share multimedia content and texts, see the phone screen on your computer and much more by controlling it with a touch screen or mouse. Although it is something that other applications can do, with this one it is done much faster. In a few clicks and times you will be able to see the photos of the last week, make backup copies of the computer or exchange content.

Huawei Share

With EMIU 12, the exchange will be much faster than ever and it is perhaps one of its main attractions beyond the control panel and some tricks that will delight you.

With Device+ you can easily send content remotely to other devices. You can even unlock the mobile with your computer, among many other possibilities that it offers you.

Petal Search and its own app store

Although it doesn’t have a Play Store, the customization layer has an app installer that looks for the APKs of different Android applications so that you can install them on your mobile. In this way, although you cannot access the Play Store applications directly, you can do it from there.

This is complemented by a branded app store called AppGallery that works in a similar way to the Google and Apple stores, with an interface that includes several categories and advertisements so you can go to the most popular apps. This will be complemented by Petal Search so you have everything you need.

If you go from the Play Store to the app store or Petal Search it will seem a bit confusing or difficult to understand, but it has interesting possibilities if you manage with it.

Video Rewards

Video is a service similar to YouTube itself for the operating system, which has a large amount of content that you can purchase. In addition, there is a rewards mechanic through which you can get virtual coins by viewing ads. Although these may not be of much interest to you, you may want to access their rewards.

Huawei GameCenter

Players will also be able to earn GameCenter rewards that can be redeemed for different purchases.

Photos with the screen off

To better enjoy every moment, you can immortalize some situations by photographing them with the screen turned off . Otherwise, you would miss it by not being able to capture it despite having it in front of your eyes. There are unique occasions that happen only once in a lifetime.

Therefore, in Huawei you can take an image without unlocking your device by pressing the volume down button twice in a row. For this you will have to activate the shortcuts and gestures in accessibility functions.