The smart purchase for this 2023 is in hybrid cars, but not in plug-in ones

Hybrid cars have become the most interesting option, because they represent the best of two worlds: traditional and electric vehicles. But, certainly, and due to its technology, there are options that may be more valid than others, and there HEVs, conventional hybrids, may be better than plug-in ( PHEV ).

If you have to choose, better HEV hybrid cars

The smart purchase for this 2023 is in hybrid cars

Queries from new drivers interested in purchasing a vehicle equipped with electrification technology have increased greatly. We see it on a day-to-day basis, where environmental awareness has done a lot for us to choose vehicles that can be good for the future.

This is the case of hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars. Their efficiency is a good starting point, in addition to the fact that they usually offer superior performance and benefits to vehicles with only an equivalent combustion engine.

However; It is also true that, if what we are looking for is to make an intelligent purchase, for long years and without worrying about anything else, the HEV hybrid option may be a better arrangement for our day to day. The reason? Its low prices, but also that its emissions are better than plug-in hybrid cars, oddly enough.

PHEVs have a serious emissions problem

Also, in both HEVs and PHEVs, the additional electric motor, located between the internal combustion engine and automatic transmission, also generates power which helps the engine and improves acceleration and fuel efficiency.

This is why one of the reasons to buy a hybrid car today is to wear the ECO label . This is important to access some restricted traffic areas, such as Low Emission Zones, which already exist in different cities.

Likewise, and if what we are looking for is a vehicle that can truly contribute to the environment, we will tell you that the plug-in connectors have lost a lot of ‘sag’, because in recent times, and based on independent tests that analyze the real behavior of these vehicles, some very specific critical points stand out. In particular, there is a serious problem with the actual emissions from PHEV hybrid cars.

In those, the truth is that plug-in hybrids have emissions higher than the homologation data (based on standard test cycles and not actual use). A survey commissioned by T&E in 2020 already highlighted the problem. After about two and a half years, data in hand, it becomes clear that the problems have not yet been resolved. Emissions reach peaks 70% higher than the declared data.

Another point to assess about them is that, for example, and unlike an electric car, if the car is going to sleep on the street, buying a plug-in hybrid may be relevant as long as we have a public or private charging point nearby. and let’s not use the car every day. If this is not the case, it will not be the best choice, something that the HEV does, and that is why it is so popular.

Coches híbridos mejor HEV enchufables

The good prices of the ‘full hybrids’, another great value

It is then that, in addition, to obtain a good purchase (and if possible intelligent for the future), the best thing we could do is diesel and gasoline engines with a C label, but also CNG cars, hence the best alternatives are hybrids. complete , as we say.

Very comfortable to move in our day to day, we have to know that this type of vehicle has significantly lowered its price, unlike its plug-in brothers. Enjoying automatic changes , these are made very comfortable for everyone because they do not require engaging gears or operating the clutch pedal, which makes them very comfortable. For its part, we will also see that its price will be very similar to those of diesel or gasoline.

This also means that they will be the ones that best maintain their value , compared to diesel and gasoline, so it will be relatively easy to sell them on the used market if we want to change cars in the coming years.