These are the causes of noise when you turn the steering wheel

In certain situations, beyond the fact that it is a new car or that it has a certain age, the noises are not the best thing we can have. But, equally, that our vehicle reproduces us according to which ones, it can be something that helps us a lot to check if we have any kind of problem. This is what may be happening on your steering wheel… and until now you haven’t noticed.

Pay attention to every noise from your car

the causes of noise when you turn the steering wheel

The bad adjustments in the door panels or between the different pieces of the dashboard are, to mention two very clear examples, the source of many noises in the car. These crickets can become very annoying because they occur inside the passenger compartment and, therefore, are clearly perceived. Beyond the discomfort that may result, they are not usually a symptom of a serious fault that should worry us.

The most important thing to find the cause is, therefore, free rein. So you should look for a site where there is no traffic, however it should be a paved road .

Vibrations and bumps caused by the vehicle when driving on dirt roads make troubleshooting unnecessarily difficult. Also, it doesn’t roll enough if you drive over bumps. And there, in what has to do with the steering wheel , too. Just because; As can happen with other parts of the car, a noise in the car’s steering wheel can be a symptom that something is not going as it should… and that sometimes it can be something quite serious.

What can happen at the wheel

As we always say in this type of case, it is best to go to our mechanical workshop at the first symptom or suspicion that we may have, but in any case it is also quite normal to know in advance what may be happening if the steering wheel of the car does some kind of of noise that was not used to show before.

Thus, it is also true that we must never forget to pay attention to the level of the steering fluid , using suitable products, check that there are no leaks in the circuit, lubricate all the steering parts…

But what about that behavior? Well, it can be for different reasons, such as the following:

  • Growling sound when turning . If when you turn the steering wheel you hear a kind of animal growl with metallic overtones, especially when you keep it turned to the maximum, it may be because the steering is not well lubricated. In this case, it is necessary to check the fluid levels in the steering assist system. The problem arises because, when doing so, a kind of foam with bubbles is formed in the power steering circuit that causes the pump gears to produce small explosions.
  • Click when turning . A clicking noise coming from behind the steering wheel airbag may indicate electronic problems.
  • Vibration when turning. Possibly it is due to a failure in the pump or in the steering damper.
  • Steering tapping. There is a possibility that the cross-arm supports are bad.
  • thud . If you detect a thud from the front of the shock absorbers, it means that there is a problem with the cups, parts of the suspension system that make it possible for them to rotate with the steering.
  • rub . If we notice friction when turning, with or without noise from the car’s steering wheel, this may have to do with the fact that the tightening torque of the wheel hubs is not that recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Drag noise with unstable rotation in the wheels: If we notice that the wheels drag, it is normal that it is due to asymmetric wear on the wheels.

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You have to know how to differentiate them from other more common ones

As such, the key is to detect this sound and recognize its origin to ensure that no further damage occurs, since frequently these failures come from the wear of some components, hydraulic failures or some external factor, such as impacts.

Yes indeed; The fact that this type of noise occurs at the steering wheel of the car does not mean that it goes much further, far from it. Or what is the same; We have to differentiate each one of them from others that occur, for example, when starting up.

There are those that come from abroad, such as those that originate from stepping on something with the wheel, creaks in a parking lot due to the type of paint or the terrain itself. These are of no more importance.