The simple tricks to make your oven use less electricity

Certain household appliances can significantly contribute to your overall energy bill, and one such example is the oven. Incorrect usage of the oven can result in excessive energy consumption. Therefore, it is always beneficial to consider certain tips to reduce energy usage. In this article, we will discuss one simple recommendation that Iberdrola also suggests to help their customers save on their electricity bills.

A well-maintained oven consumes less energy compared to one that is malfunctioning or not properly cared for, just like any other device. Specifically, our advice is to keep the oven clean. This practice will enhance its performance and reduce the likelihood of encountering difficulties in reaching the desired temperature.

oven save energy

Keep the oven clean to save

Iberdrola recommends its customers to regularly clean the walls of their ovens in order to minimize energy usage. By keeping the oven walls clean, it will require less time to reach the desired cooking temperature, resulting in lower energy consumption. If the oven is dirty, it would need to consume more electricity to achieve the optimal temperature.

It is important to regularly inspect and clean the oven, removing any food debris that may be present. Even small residues that go unnoticed can impact the oven’s heating capacity, leading to increased electricity consumption. Any hindrance to its proper functioning will result in higher energy usage.

Similar issues can arise if the oven tray is dirty, unsuitable containers are used, or if there is a problem with any component of the device. In these cases, you may also be using more resources than necessary. To save electricity with your oven, it is crucial to ensure that these situations are avoided.

The same principle applies to other electrical appliances as well. It is essential to keep appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators clean to reduce their electricity consumption. Any dirt or debris can hinder the proper functioning of components, leading to increased energy usage.

Error when using the oven and spending more light

Do not open the door, key advice

Another important tip to save energy when using the oven is to minimize opening the door. The oven’s purpose is to retain hot air for cooking, and each time the door is opened, cold air enters and replaces the hot air inside. This forces the oven to use additional resources to regain the lost temperature.

Simply opening the door briefly to check on the food wastes energy as the oven will have to work harder to restore the desired temperature. This is similar to the principle of opening the refrigerator door, where unnecessary energy is consumed to restore the cool temperature. In both cases, unnecessary resources are being expended.

In summary, to conserve energy when using the oven, it is important to keep it clean and free from dirt on the walls, as this can impact its performance and increase electricity consumption. Additionally, whenever possible, avoid opening the oven while it is in operation. If you use smart devices in your kitchen, you may also consider installing Wi-Fi repeaters to ensure a strong signal reaches the oven.