How to connect a Switch Lite to television?

Up until now, the Nintendo Switch has achieved remarkable sales, with a significant portion of its success attributed to the more affordable variant known as the Switch Lite. This particular console differs from its counterpart not only in its physical design but also in certain limitations, such as the inability to connect it to a television.

As previously mentioned, the Switch Lite is a budget-friendly alternative to the original console, offering a lower price point due to certain feature reductions or exclusions. Unfortunately, one of the omitted features is the ability to connect the console to a television using the dedicated dock, which is exclusively compatible with the “standard” version of the Nintendo handheld console.

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How to connect a Switch Lite to television?

I understand that many of you have been curious about this, but unfortunately, I have some disappointing news. The Lite version of the Nintendo Switch is equipped with only a USB-C input port, which allows for input peripherals like the charger to power the battery. However, it lacks the necessary output hardware, making it impossible to connect the console directly to a television using a cable.

The Lite version was specifically designed to be even more portable and lightweight compared to the original model. Its focus was on enhanced portability and cost reduction, resulting in a more affordable version of the console. As a result, Nintendo did not include the hardware required for TV connectivity in this iteration. If you’re considering purchasing the Switch Lite, it’s important to consider this limitation if you intend to connect it to a television.

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It is unfortunate that the Lite version lacks this functionality, as it means that if the screen breaks, the only option is to purchase a new console or replace it entirely. However, since it is a portable console, the natural expectation is to play it independently.

Currently, the Nintendo Switch Lite is priced at €210 on Amazon, which is quite reasonable considering its features. In comparison, the regular version is priced around €275 on Amazon. The price difference is not substantial, but it can be a deciding factor based on your specific needs, now that you are aware of the limitations.

The upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch 2 is highly anticipated. It is possible that we may see a Lite version with additional video output options to address the requests from users of the current model. However, for now, we will have to wait and make do with the available options. Hopefully, Nintendo will make improvements in the future. As you may know, Nintendo is known for being secretive about its products, so we will only have concrete information when the official announcement is made by the Japanese company.