The perfect combo of apps on iPhone to boost your productivity

The perfect combo of apps on iPhone to boost your productivity

One of the great values that iOS has is its fantastic app store, where users can find almost anything they want. Well, today we are going to talk about two applications that complement each other perfectly and that will help you manage all your time and tasks from your iPhone itself.

There are many users who seek to have total control over their time and their tasks, since with this they achieve much greater productivity. For this, it is vital to be able to have an application that provides you with everything you need to manage your daily activities, as well as another calendar app that allows you to control the time you dedicate to each of the tasks that you are going to carry out or plan.

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Fortunately, there are several task and calendar applications that complement and synchronize with each other, but in this case we will talk about two that, without a doubt, do it like a charm, such as Todoist and Fantastical. These are two applications that, separately, already provide tremendous value, proof of this is the good reputation they have and the number of users who use them daily. However, when you put them together and use them in a complementary way, they multiply all their functionality and allow you to have total control of both tasks and time.

Todoist and Fantastical, the ultimate combo

Any person who wants to become as productive as possible has to control two very important variables. The first of these is the control of the tasks, being clear about what has to be done is vital to be able to carry it out, as well as carrying out a good planning of them beforehand. However, it is precisely at this point, in the planning, that many users fail, since they try to pack more tasks than they can actually carry out. For this reason, it is vital to also have a calendar app with which you can plan the time that you are going to dedicate to each of the tasks or events that you have to carry out.

Todoist y fantastical

The differential part that Todoist and Fantastical provide together is that they are two applications that are synchronized with each other, that is, you won’t have to be entering Todoist to see the tasks, and later Fantastical to see your schedule. Within Fantastical you have the opportunity to synchronize everything you have within Todoist, and the reality is that the result is surprisingly good.

In this way you will have in the calendar interface, the tasks that you have added in Todoist, and that you can also add through Fantastical, as well as the calendar itself with the view that you like or need the most, doing that in a single glance and In a single application you can see and manage both the tasks and the time you dedicate to them and to the different day-to-day events. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable and effective way to have your day-to-day completely controlled and to know what and how you are spending your time.